January 25, 2013
By , nooksack, WA
Once upon a time…. There was a girl named Cinderella, she lived in a big house with her dad. They had a very close relationship and they did a lot of things together, they were best friends. His wife past away a couple years ago. Her dad loves Cinderella a lot and thinks she is very beautiful. She has long blond hair and is kind of curly at the end. But soon he got tired of being alone in the big house with his daughter, so he looked for a beautiful girl to marry. He finally find her and they got married a couple months later. Cinderella was happy for her dad but she didn’t want anyone else to be in their family. Not only did he marry a woman but she also had a daughter. She was really pretty too. Cinderella and the step daughter Rose became really close friends. But whenever Cinderella’s dad was not around, her step mother was mean to her. She would always call her mean names and look at her nasty. Her dad was a big person in the church that he went to and they sent him on a mission’s trip to Africa. Cinderella was not happy because she knew she was going to be called names and do things she didn’t have to. Right when her dad left the step mother started making her doing all the chores and they were really hard. One day the pastor of the church and the police came to our house, they came to tell us that the plane that her dad was on had crashed and her father past away. Things were really difficult for a really long time. Cinderella locked herself in her room and wouldn’t eat or anything. You could hear her every night. Sometimes she would let Rose in and she would comfort her a little bit. But her stepmother wouldn’t let her go in there all the time. Rose was affected and was really sad, but her stepmother didn’t seem that upset that he past away. Sometimes she would act sad around the girls. The stepmother would get everything he owned, so she wasn’t sad because he had a lot of money. Things became worse once he died, the step mother was mean and Cinderella always had to clean and do their laundry and cook. Her step mother took her out of school so she could do everything for her. She was her own little maid. She also moved her down to the basement, where it’s always cold. She would spoil her own daughter and give nothing to Cinderella. Rose the step sister she was always nice to her but once their father died her mother made her not be Cinderella’s friend anymore otherwise she would be doing everything with me. But Rose would talk and help Cinderella whenever she could and her mother was away. Rose always apologized but Cinderella understood. So now she had no friends beside the mice in the basement. There were 3 a short chunky one, and medium one and a tall and skinny one. One day while Cinderella was the only one home someone knocked on the door. She opened it and she saw that it was a person from the Kingdom. They gave everyone an invitation to a ball this weekend. There have been many balls before but Cinderella has never been to one. Her father always went but Cinderella was to young he thought. That’s where he met her stepmother. She was nice at first but once they got married things changed and she showed her true colors. She took her invitation and put it in her pocket when her step mother was coming. She gave her the two invitations and she asked her about the third invitation, Cinderella gave it to her and asked if she could go. Her step mother said she can go if the whole house is clean. Cinderella gave her a hug and ran to her room to start making a dress. It was going to be blue with beads on it and it was going to look really pretty, but her step mother called her to do something. The mice were with her and she told them all about it. But when her step mother called they knew she would be gone for hours and wouldn’t have time to make her dress. So they made it for her. When Cinderella saw she loved it a lot. She wanted to show her stepsister the dress so she went to go show her the dress and Rose loved it too. But she was jealous because it looked better than her dress. The next day she tells her mom all about the dress and how it’s better than hers. So while Cinderella was cleaning they both went down there and saw the dress. The step mother didn’t like that it was a lot prettier than their dress so she started ripping it. She told her daughter that she needed to rip it to. She kept saying no but then her mom said if she doesn’t then she can’t go to the ball and would be cleaning all the time as well. So they both started ripping it and they went upstairs and acted like nothing happened. Everyone was getting ready to go as Cinderella just finished her chores. She ran quick to go get ready she saw the dress and started crying and dropped to her knees. She was really disappointed. She went up to tell her stepmother she didn’t have a dress that someone ripped it. Her mother said she couldn’t go then. Rose whispered to her that she was really sorry and her stepmother made her. She ran out in the pouring rain and dropped to her knees and started crying. I felt so bad for her but I don’t know what I could do for her. All of a sudden a fairy godmother shows up. She is talking to Cinderella but I don’t know what she’s saying. Me and the other two mice run outside and when we were doing that she turned one of the mice into a limo. Turned the other mice into the limo driver, and me to open her door for Cinderella. Then she tells Cinderella to spin around a couple of times. When she was done spinning she wore a beautiful pink dress. It was beautiful. She also had shiny high heels on and her hair and makeup was done and looked really pretty. I have never seen Cinderella so happy in her life. She hugged her fairy godmother real tight. Then she said that all this will turn back to normal at midnight. We rushed off to the ball, and when Cinderella walked in everyone’s head turned and the prince walked right up to her and asked her to dance. They danced for a really long time and it was amazing. Cinderella looked up at the clock it said 12:55. She said bye really fast and ran out of there and dropped her slipper. The prince ran after her but she was gone, he only found her slipper. Cinderella didn’t get too far before everything turned back to normal. The next day Cinderella was really happy she was always humming and smiling. The Prince went to every house to see who fit the shoe perfectly so he could find and marry his princess. The fairy godmother made the shoe to only fit Cinderella’s foot. He went to every door step and tried every girl’s foot. None of them fit. He got to Cinderella’s house and tried Rose’s foot but it was too small. Cinderella was down in the basement when he came. He asked if there were any other girls in the house and the stepmother said there wasn’t. He was walking out the door as Cinderella was walking up the stairs humming and he turned around and knew she was the one as soon as he looked into her eyes. He asked her to try on the slipper and she did, it fit perfectly. She ran downstairs and grabbed the other slipper and showed him and put it on. They got married; Rose was her maid of honor. Her stepmother lost everything she had when Cinderella was cleaning out her stuff she found her dads will and turns out everything is Cinderella’s. She had to get a job as a janitor. Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after in the castle. And Rose got away from her mom and started her own family.

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