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January 18, 2013
By Adam Hebeisen BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
Adam Hebeisen BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
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The Mayans were right. 2012? Oh yeah, they nailed it. No volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornados, though. Something much worse.
First off, if you are reading this, congratulations. So far you have survived the fall of human kind. To help you on your way, there is a safe house one mile north of where you found this letter. It’s hidden under the big, gray rock that looks like a face. It has food, water, shelter, and a whole bunch of other survival goodies. The most important thing in there, which will help you live longer, is the shotgun with extra shells. Second of all, I want you to keep this letter. This next paragraph describes what happened on the winter solstice. Keep this, and if you survive, make sure this part of human history is never forgotten.
December 21, 2012. The Winter Solstice. “They” came at 5:03 in the morning, Central Standard Time. We, the humans, had our world invaded. “Them” or “Aliens” or my personal favorite, “Bug Eyed Bastards”, came down from the sky in shining black ships. Burning lights came blazing from their cannons, scorching our major cities, turning them to ash. The human armies had no chance; our bullets and missiles couldn’t penetrate their ships’ hulls. Our forces were obliterated. Billions of people’s lives were instantly ended in the first twenty-four hours. I survived to see the second wave.
“They” landed their spacecrafts, and spewed out from the guts of the ships. Their horrible mandibles clicking, spewing foam and filth. Compound eyes, the source of their nickname, were sweeping the area. Their dark gray pincers grasped phasers that sent green light tearing through flesh and bone of anyone in their way. The leaders of our countries were executed publicly, in an attempt to spread fear. It worked. Many humans surrendered on the spot. They were not shown mercy, but were eaten. The humans that survived the second wave were the ones who fought back, and didn’t fall to fear.

As I write this, less than an eighth of all human life survives. The smart ones keep moving, not staying in one place for long. “They” are still here, searching us out. I hope you survive. Here is one tip I have learned that might help to keep you alive: they can be killed if you shoot them at close range, right between their bastard eyes. Remember that.

Survive for me,

Adam H

The author's comments:
Due to the scare of the world ending in 2012, i thought it would be a fun piece to write!

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