January 17, 2013
By , Yelm, WA
the man woke in the hospital bed. He was chained to the bed and there was no signs of life.

"Help!" he yelled.

The hospital room looked decayed. he heard foot steps coming from the main hall.

"Help! Hello?" he yelled again.

He tried to move his hands, but they were cuffed against the wall. He began to mess with the handcuffs, hoping to get them off. One of the hand handcuffs was coming loose. The footsteps grew louder. The man stopped messing with the handcuffs.

"Hello?" he said.

A man dressed in a doctors coat turned the corner. He was extremely skinny and had blood on his mouth.

"Hello." he snarled and smiled eerily.
"Lets take a look at those results."

He walked over to a table and grabbed a knife from it.

"Uh-oh, looks like you don't have very long to live" he said, then laughed hysterically

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