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January 29, 2013
By Kenzye BRONZE, Lenoir, North Carolina
Kenzye BRONZE, Lenoir, North Carolina
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Year: 2050
We created them, the forsaken ones. We were too stupid, too naive to see what we were getting ourselves into. When they came here they were slimy, ugly, malformed aliens. They attacked, like any other stereotypical alien would do. We then began “toying” with their DNA, trying to make it more “human”. Make them more like us. They looked like us, to some extent. They were human like, human hands, body, and we assumed: their minds. But their eyes, they were this odd color of green; A sickly, horrid green. Later our plan failed. They all suffered from rampancy. They ran amok, killing people. They were mindless creatures. And we were their creators. We were responsible for all of this.
Tired of them, we sent them off. We sent them into space hoping to be rid of them forever. But they returned. They returned bigger, stronger, and meaner. And they were attacking. The forsaken ones came in swarms. More and more they came. Why? Why did we do this in the first place? Was it because we were curious? Was it because we were human? It seems like we’ll never know. But we will soon learn, very, very soon.
My name is Benjamin “Duncan” Cooper. I work as a Forensic Scientist in the local college institute. I have been working with the Forsaken one’s DNA. I try to come up with a cure to either wipe them out, or to “fix” them. So far, I have been unsuccessful on both counts. But I will fix them; I will come up with something. I must keep trying. I have a daughter at home. Her name is Olivia, she’s five years old. She is my precious little pearl. I have a wife, her name is Alice. We have been married for 6 years; she is the love of my life. I would die for her. If I ever lost her, I wouldn't know what I would do without her.
Chapter 1: The attack

Tuesday evening, their air ships flew in. One by one, they jumped out of their ships. Wielding their guns, the bloodthirsty creatures shot down the people. The people fell to their knees; blood stained the roads and buildings.

We were not going to go down without a fight. The army and the police officers came to help. We were at war, a horrible bloodthirsty war. There was no end in sight. All I did was ignore it, and kept working. I would help, but there is nothing I can do. The only thing I can do is work on a possible cure. With them getting killed, I always had fresh blood to test and DNA to work on.
I took the blood into my lab and began testing new and possible things to see if they work. But still no answers, I worked day and night, still nothing.
Suddenly the windows crashed open. A forsaken one had come through the window! But at least it was dead. It didn't matter to me; it was just more DNA and more blood for me to work on. Some screams erupted from outside. I watched the people and the Forsaken one’s die. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched. There was nothing I could do. I felt so horrible. Suddenly another scream filled the room. This time I recognized it. I looked out of the broken window at a woman running toward the building. It was my wife, with our child in her arms. She was trying to run and hide, to avoid getting killed.
I instantly stood up and ran down the stairs to save her. I ran down to the glass doors to see her getting chased by three forsaken ones’. I prayed that she would make it in time. I was so unsure. Without hesitating I flung open the door, and ran. I ran to Alice and Olivia, arms outstretched. She tripped and fell with Olivia in her arms. That’s when my heart sank. The Forsaken one’s pounced on her, for this was their chance. “No! Please!” I cried. But it was no use. They began to tear into her flesh. They peeled her skin off letting the blood flow. My poor little Olivia cried in her arms. Alice wasn't going to let them get to her.
I ran up to the three forsaken one’s, I tried to pull and pry them off of her, but they wouldn't budge. I began to fear for the worst. I began to think that she wasn't going to make it, that this was the last time I would ever see my wife, and my daughter. What a horrible thought that was. I kept pulling, prying, screaming, and crying. All of my efforts were useless. But I kept trying. More and more blood spilled underneath them. Alice screamed more and more, Olivia cried her lungs out. Suddenly they both fell silent. The forsaken ones stopped.

They stood up and looked at me, I was frozen with fear. I then turned and ran, not daring to look back. Not daring to look back at the remains of the only two people I had greatly loved in life. I ran in and slammed the door just in time so they wouldn't get in. I began to search for something to block the door with, to buy me some time. I saw a metal pole. But it was too far away to reach. I would have to risk my life and let go of the door and get the pole.

Without thinking I lunged for the pole and slammed my back against the door just in time for the three forsaken one’s to get wedged in the door. They shrieked and snarled at me. With my back against the door I lifted the pole with both arms and began hitting them. I took all of my anger out on them. They killed people, harmless innocent people, and most importantly they killed my family. I beat them until blood splattered on my face. Oh, how I hated them. I just wanted to keep beating them until they would never see daylight again. I beat them until they stopped moving. I took a moment to rest. Then I wedged the pole between the door handles. No one could get in.
I then slumped down in front of the door, weak and tired. I curled up and cried. I cried at the loss of: my family, my future, and the people and friends. I felt so useless, and so weak. My chest heaved in and out with every breath as I sobbed. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, some even landed on my beard. “Why did we create them?” I yelled aloud. “Please someone, tell me why! Didn't we see the possible consequences that would come of creating them?!” I yelled as I shut my eyes as tears continued to flow.
“Why?” I said quietly.

The author's comments:
It came to me in Math class, I was just sitting there and something told me to write something based off of aliens. So I came up with this. This is nothing but a work in progress. I'm not sure if I want to continue it,so I'll leave it up to you. Post a comment below if you want me to continue. I will also be accepting critique on my work. I will also be accepting ideas or things to add in my story. This story is just something I came up with in my free time, so it won't be that good. If I do continue I will try to update regularly. I have high school and college classes so it won't be on a constant schedule. Also, if there are any grammar issues, just let me know in the comments. It was late at night and I was sleepy when I wrote this.
Estimated time writing this: 1 hour 45 minutes.
Yeah, I hope you enjoy. And stay tuned for more :)

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IMSteel BRONZE said...
on Feb. 4 2013 at 1:58 pm
IMSteel BRONZE, Wallhala, South Carolina
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Very creative, and interesting story.  I definately think that you should continue.  The only thing is, as you said, it seems to be written hastily, and I would suggest going back and making it longer...taking more time to expound on everything.  Keep writing!


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