uninvited guest

January 28, 2013
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began with me waking up from a sound sleep. I was very cold. I jumped out of my nice warm bed to slip on a sweatshirt and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I approached the closet. My face was so pale it almost looked translucent. My lips were off-color and beginning to turn blue. My neck and nightshirt were covered in glistening red blood. The blood was thick and sticky. I stood there for a moment in sort of a state of disbelief. I remember thinking, "Am I awake yet?" Then I felt someone embrace me from behind. I could tell it was a man. Their body felt cold and unnatural. The arms that were wrapped about me seemed of normal size, yet I sensed they were also very powerful. For some strange reason I didn't feel afraid at this point. In fact, I felt rather secure. Suddenly, I was forcibly spun around and could now see the face of my uninvited guest! I gazed deep into a pair of squinting dark green eyes. Eyes that appeared to almost leap out at you in contrast to the colorless skin that surrounded them. I was mesmerized. His long silky black hair shrouded a mass of light blue veins pulsating just below the skin of his neck. Fresh blood dripped out of his mouth and down his chin onto his lapel. I'm not sure how I knew it, but I was sure the blood was mine. Although I had an urge to get away, I was aware that the attempt would produce futile results as he continued to hold me with little effort. As I stood helpless, his eyes suddenly rolled upward and into the back of his head. They then reappeared in a new color - a very dark red, almost black hue encircled the iris. They were dead eyes, evil eyes. His tongue then emerged and slowly tickled the surface of his top lip. I was spellbound and couldn't release my focus from his penetrating stare. I knew he was going to kiss me and I felt compelled to welcome his bloodstained lips to mine. I closed my eyes as his icy red lips touch mine. The taste of blood caused me to momentarily retreat and I felt my body becoming weak from the experience. I waited impatiently for his next move. I was surprised, yet excited, as his face became distorted, changing before me. It was aging, eroding into a mass of mangled grey flesh. His immortal eyes now burned with a combination of hate and passion. His lips purposely curled upward revealing a pair of long sharp fangs. Uncontrollably, my head slowly slumped to one side as I surrendered to his influence.

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