January 23, 2013
By , everett, WA

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a dragon .Now this dragon was not just any dragon he was part human to , but in his land he was the only one who was of his breed and nobody knew why he was the way he was. The dragons name was Durbin and he felt so misfit and out of place. Growing up all the others made so much fun of him for his different self. Durbin was always so sad and then he finally had enough of it so he ran away from his land.

As rumor goes, Durbin’s land was being invaded by some humans who were trying to run the dragons off to make a profitable land. The dragons fought and fought but they couldn’t win the fight so they fled their land and was on their way to find a new piece of land to call their own. It just so happened that they ran into Durbin.

So Durbin hears the story of them being run out of their home. He did not hesitate to put his differences to the test. He began working really hard on tools that the others had no idea he knew how to build. He made many swords and fire bombs and so much more. He told all of them that they were going to take back their land and fight for what was right. None of the other dragons were up for this but Durbin was so he told them he would take care of it himself and he sure enough did.

Durbin was off and he ran the humans out of his home he fought and fought until there was only two strong human left. He got stabbed so many times but because he was part human he knew the things to use to cure himself. Durbin had finally won the battle and it was all over he was so tired and sore but knowing he had one he ran to get the others.

Durbin got them back and showed them the land was once theirs again. The other dragons shouted and praised him for him being different and helping them through a tough time; they changed his name to hero and told them they would never make fun of him again. To this day humans refuse to believe in dragons because of this that happened over a thousand of years ago and we don’t even acknowledge that this is how we learned about fighting and wars all because a little dragon with differences decided to take a stand!

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SamanthaMund said...
Dec. 4, 2014 at 6:11 pm
wow this is amazing
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