The Cloud

January 17, 2013
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The woman didn’t even seen it coming. The dark cloud still looming in the distance. Most likely, she wouldn’t see it ‘till it had hidden away for long enough—gathered just enough power. Most of us didn’t even see it until it had already meandered it’s way over to her. For the cloud was a stealthy thing, and had stolen away for most of it’s hours before making it’s presence known.
The dark cloud did eventually make it’s way over though. We watched when it got to the point where the cloud wielded it’s strongest powers down on her. When it hugged her like a baby blanket to an infant. When it clenched the woman within its grasp, no way for her to ever break free. When the milky whites of her eyes rolled back inside her head, experiencing the lasts of what her brain would ever show. The point where her knees buckled and she sank to the ground - a futile final prayer for her existence. The point where her lungs let out a final moan - a final plea for her existence. The time when we all turned our heads to the walls of our world as the dark cloud finished the last stages of its work with her. The time when the woman heaved her final breath and got lifted through the space and time continuum. The omnipresent cloud went along with her. Only her shell got left behind.
After, we all shifted our eyes back on the spot where the cloud had been. Where now only the crust of a creature laid. After we threw the remains away, the space seemed just as empty as it had ever been. Where we continued on as if the cloud didn’t and had never really existed at all. We meandered on in the confines of the walls of our existence in forced oblivion. We forcibly forgot.
I didn’t even see it coming.
The cloud hugged me like a baby blanket does to an infant.

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