Don't Look in The Box

January 8, 2013
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Chapter 1

Jason was tired, but he had to get away. The fate of the world depended on his determination to keep going. There is no way around it. He must do it.

One Tuesday afternoon Jason was playing baseball with his second grade class in the schoolyard. After they’d been playing for a while till their teacher came around and made them strictly follow rules. She said, “If you don’t play like I say to, then I feel that we would go inside.” The kids threw their bats and gloves on the ground. The teacher ushered them back inside the classroom.
Jason got to thinking about what his teacher had just done. No matter how much he wanted to play baseball his way, the teacher forced them not to. He figured that the teacher was doing that just because she could and that she hates kids.
Once he got into high school, he met up with a similar situation. This time him and his friends were playing football after school. Again the teacher came outside and told them, “You guys need to stop playing that kind of football!” At which point Jason hollered back at her to mind her own business. The teacher chased them away from the school. As Jason ran, he thought back on that day in second grade and thought about it a while. Once he got to thinking, he figured that having things “my way or the highway” is what happens when you’re in charge.

After Jason got through college he got a job for his friend’s dad. He just needed to get some money to pay for food and rent. He went to work his first day and noticed how odd they do things around the workplace. Jason walked into his office space and began to work.
Jason didn't like his work that was assigned. He wanted something more with his life. He wanted to build his own corporation to help the world.
Jason went about doing his work. After a while his manager came by and saw the way he was doing. The manager exclaimed, ”What the kittens are you doing there!” Jason jumped in his seat, “Doin’ my dog gone work! What the mess does it look like I’m doin’!” hollered Jason. The manager fired Jason on the spot and Jason stormed out of the building.
When Jason got outside, it was cold and windy. He said to himself, “Must be a hurricane brewin’.” He walked to his pickup truck with his head down in his coat. The pollution of the 2010s has made the climate much colder now. “If only they could go back in time and reverse all that pollution,” Jason thought to himself. He hopped in his truck and the step bar broke off. Jason smacked the dash hard; he jumped out of the truck and grabbed the bar off the ground. He slammed the bar in the truck bed hard.
He jumped in his truck and slammed the door behind him. Angrily, he grabbed his keys from the sunglass holder above. He put the key in ignition and cranked it up. He sat for a minute to let the truck warm up, then put it in gear. Jason backed out of the parking lot. As he turned parallel to the center line, someone hit him in the rear.
Jason got out to see what had happened, when he saw what had happened he was stunned. The collision was so hard that it launched the other driver out of the windshield. He picked the man up and tried to figure out who he was.
“Who are you?” Jason said.
“I.....don’t........know.” Said the man,
“We’ve got to get you to the hospital.” Jason frantically told the man.
Jason delicately lifted the man off of his bumper to prevent further injury. The man had magnificently white hair and he had been hurt horrendously badly. His whole body was bruised badly, he also he had been cut very badly all over his face, chest, and arms. As he was being put in the truck, he grimaced in such a way that Jason knew something else was in the car. Jason got a chain out of the bed of his truck and tied the car to it tightly. Jason hopped back in the truck, pulled the car to the side of the road, and turned the truck off.
Quickly Jason ran to the car to find what else was in there. He powerfully ripped the door off of the car. He thought to himself, this car is one of them cars that they recalled a couple months back. Into the car Jason looked frantically for a sign of life inside the car. He ripped the seats apart and looked under, around, and between. After a good 15 minutes he realized it might be in the trunk. Out he jumped to the back of the car.
Jason yanked the whole trunk off to see a box; the box was very large and looked important. Jason grabbed the box and set it in the bed of the truck quite gingerly.
He untied and unhooked the car and back in the truck he went. Jason cranked up the truck and sped down the road to the hospital, dodging cars and pedestrians on the way. He ran red lights and got to the hospital as fast as he could.
When they got to the hospital, Jason slid into a parking space near the front. He jolted the door open and slammed it behind him. Jason got the old man out of the truck very calmly and hurried to get him in the hospital.
Once he got the man in the doors of the waiting room, Jason set the man in a chair softly and went up to the urgent care desk.
Frantically Jason tried to explain to the clerk what happened.
“This man needs help!” Jason exclaimed.
“Fill this form out and wait.” said the clerk.
“NOW! He needs help now!” burst Jason
“Fill out this form and have a seat.”
“Just look at the man!” Jason pointed across the room at the old man.
“Oh dear.” She picked up her phone and told them
“The doctor will be right out.”

Jason walked back to the place where he had left the man. The man seemed to be doing worse; he had large gashes in his arms that were drenched in dark red blood. He seemed cold and dying, his head was low in his chair.

About 30 minutes later a man in a white coat came through the door. By this time the man had become very limp and looked terribly near death. The doctor hurried into the back rooms and came back very soon after with a nurse. They put the old man on a stretcher and whisked him away to the offices in the back.
Jason feared that this man would not come out alive. The man had been bruised and injured very badly.
“If only he would’ve slowed down.” Thought Jason
“Then he might have a better chance of surviving that horrible car crash. If only.....”
Jason sat in the waiting room for what seemed like hours, he made conversation with people around him until finally, a nurse came through the door. The nurse pointed at Jason and motioned him over. As Jason hurried over to the woman, she opened the door and showed him the way to the room the old man was in.
The nurse had a very sad and exhausted look to her face, the kind of look when there was nothing you could do. She showed Jason in the room. The doctor sat looking exhausted as the nurse did. He slowly began to speak to Jason.
“I...I’m....I’m terribly sorry about this.” The doctor said with a low disappointed voice.
“We did the best that we could, but he was thrown from the vehicle at 105 mph. There was nothing that could have saved This man. I am very sorry for your loss.”
Jason replied, “As long as you did your best, I can live knowing I helped a dying man.”
The doctor told Jason, “If you need any support you can call this number.” The doctor handed Jason a business card as he said this. Jason thanked them for their efforts and left the doctor’s office. On his way out the door, he didn’t know why, but he was very sad and began to think that somehow this man was close to him in some way. Jason got back in his truck and turned the radio on loud.
On the way to his house, Jason tried as hard as he could to forget about the old man. He thought that somehow, he was responsible. The thought that he had killed a man made him sick to the stomach. It was the worst feeling he had ever had. Jason turned the radio up louder and stepped on the gas.
Jason pulled into his driveway. He pushed open the door of his big dark green truck and slowly slid out of the driver’s seat. Slowly he trudged through the magnificent fescue grass in his yard; He climbed up the old, faded blue rock steps to his front porch. He clung to the handle of his door, turned it tiredly, and stepped inside his house.
He collapsed suddenly as he was walking through his very small living room. He fell with a great thud; he hit the floor with such a noise that would make your spine shiver just to think about it.
That night he dreamt about the man that had died that day.

Chapter 2

Two days later Jason’s friend Cody came by to check up on him. Cody knocked on the door hard. After he had pounded the great oak door four or five times, he opened the door cautiously in fear for his good friend. The door creaked loudly as it was being pushed open. When Cody could see through the narrow doorway, he saw the large man laying in the empty room.
Cody quickly ran over to Jason’s limp body to help his lifelong companion. First Cody checked if Jason was breathing. As soon as Cody knelt beside his friend, his worries were immediately halted. The floor had moisture in an oval extending from Jason’s open mouth.
Cody gently nudged Jason saying, “Hey bud, we gotta get stuff done.”
Cody knocked Jason harder and told him, “Get your lazy bum off this dirty floor!”
After those words Jason jumped up off the floor so fast he would’ve made a bullet look slow.
“Thanks for checkin up on me man.” Jason said gratefully.
“Hey, what’re friends for.” Replied Cody jokingly.
“So what did you really come over here for?”
“I was thinkin we need to get you back to work.”
“Might as well, I need money.” Jason replied willingly.
Out the door they went, the fresh air filled Jason’s lungs, on his first breath, the air gave him much more energy to deal with the world. Down the steps the two men went holding the white wooden railing, back through the grass to Cody’s old, red pickup truck. Cody and Jason bounded into the seats of the vehicle.
Cody started it up and put it into gear. The great machine rolled backward slowly, then it turned in the driveway and squared itself up to the road. Cody looked left and right, then smoothly pulled out of the driveway onto the fast road.
The machine sped towards the city. Cody turned the car into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant; they parked the truck in the order slot.
“What you want?” Cody asked Jason,
“One of them fried sert legs.”
Cody quickly entered the order into the screen beside the car. Two minutes later their food appeared in their laps.
“Good deal, time to hit the road again.”Cody stated.
The truck lurched forward, then suddenly stopped. The two men jumped out to see the problem. The truck had broken its regulator, it had clamped down on the belt too hard. So they took out a big knife and sliced off the regulator clamp. They went back to the truck, got back in, cranked it back up, and down the road they went.
The truck traveled quickly down the road, it moved forward until they got to their destination. They arrived at the extremely tall and wide building. The two men jumped out of the machine and ventured towards the structure. Jason energetically opened the door to the magnificent building and entered quickly.
upon entry Jason and cody noticed a man straining to carry a box through the lobby. They ran up to the man and bothe grabbed a side to aid the man in his endeavor, the man said, “Thank you very much sirs.”

“No problem.” Jason and Cody replied simultaneously.

The three men carried the box up 7 floors worth of steps until they finally came to the man’s office. The other man used his foot to nudge the door open,
The man asked Jason and Cody, “Set it down over there please.”
“Alright” said Cody and Jason.
Jason and Cody delicately placed the box where the man told them to. As Cody and Jason were walking out of the door the man stopped them by saying, “hold on one minute boys.”
“yes sir.” Jason responed
“I’ve got give you two something for helping me with that very important box.”
“That won’t be necessary sir.” replied Cody
The man went digging through the drawers in his desk, he searched quickly for the gift. The man continued to search for 5 minutes repeating as he searched, “It was just right here.”
The man stopped his search after about 15 minutes and looked at the men who had so graciously helped him with that box. He inspected the men with his eyes for a minute or two. He then bounced over to the box they had just brought in and stuck his hand into it. He began to pull something out saying, “This is for what you did to help someone who you don’t even know.”
“You men have done much more than you can realize at the moment.” As he said this he stood up and hid the mysterious object behind his back.
The man slowly walked towards Cody and Jason and began to pull the object from behind his back.

Chapter 3

From behind his back, the object appeared to be glowing bright like a lightbulb. As the man fully revealed the incredibly bright object, it was obvious to Jason that it was something of great importance. The once the man handed it to jason, it ceased to glow. The mysterious object began to change. astonished, the two men stared in awe. It glowed significantly brighter than it had before, then, all of a sudden, it turned into a pen; but Jason knew it had to be something more.
Jason examined the pen closer, he squinted and twisted the pen to see every glimmer and every angle of the pen until. He saw it! There was extraordinarily small writing on the side of the pen. The writing was extremely small, Jason spent quite a long time squinted and moved the pen around, trying hard to be able to read it. But eventually Cody told Jason that they had to go, So Jason simply slid the pen into his pocket to look at it later.
“Thank you very much sir,” the two men said politely.
And on their way the two men went.

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