Fighting a Dragon 101

January 10, 2013
Fire blows over my head as I make yet another narrow escape. I hate dragons! I really wish I'd brought a better sword. This one is far too short and heavy. I grab a new arrow from my sheath and look at it. Great! All the feathers have been burned off.
I pull out my whistle and form a few mastered notes. I'm answered with the same notes from behind the forty foot red dragon sniffing around my hiding place. I hear the dragon turn to the second note and blow its deadly stream of flame. I take my chance and charge to a new hiding place about twenty-five feet away. I blow a few different notes and then yell
"Hey! I've heard that what dragons lack in quality they make up in quantity!"
I'm answered by a tremendous roar and the sound of huge stomping feet coming my way. Well that's swell. I toss a smoke bomb back at my old hiding place. The bomb explodes in mid-air and slightly confuses the dragon. While the smoke is still in the air I run out and make an attempt to stab the dragon in his underside. He's obviously faster than me. He swings his humongous wing out to his side and slams me into the wall of the old castle that we currently occupy. I raise my shield to protect myself from the main blast of flame. The heat still goes through the shield and seers the back of my hand. I manage to shake it off and run to a new hiding place. I blow a few more notes and my partner, Michael, charges the dragon from the rear. I simultaneously throw another smoke bomb over the dragon's head. This gives maximum effect and allows Michael to give a good jab to the beast's huge rear left leg. The dragon then swings his tail and launches him behind a pile of fallen wall pieces. While the dragon is distracted I manage to run out and stab the lizard in the other back leg. This disables use of his rear defenses. I hear a long sharp note and answer by quickly jumping onto the dragons back. It will take him a few seconds to realize I'm here and that all the time I need to grab my battle hammer and slam him on the head into unconsciousness.
At this point you may gather any booty that was held by the dragon and pile it into one area. Dragons can sleep for a very long time. After you've arranged your various prizes you may find the dragons one true weak point, the small gap in his armor on the neck under the dragons crest. Once you find this point you simply stab and jump off the dragon before he lights on fire and burns away. It takes an average of about two hours for the dragons body to burn away. After this process is finished the only things left will be the dragon's skeleton and his magical breath. The breath glows faintly and is somewhat spherical. This can provide fire whenever the user would like it but requires a short recharge after each use.

Thank you for reading this basic tutorial on how to slay a dragon.

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Miniterror said...
Feb. 12, 2013 at 6:48 pm
Please come back often, I will soon be posting pieces of my new story, "The Underground", please rate and comment, I always appreciate feedback, even if it's negative. Nothing gets better unless I know what's wrong.
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