Spirits Unleashed

January 10, 2013
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Spirits unleashed

A dark boy named Crimson came Running up from behind them hey wait up he yelled he was breathing hard that he collapsed in mud he was as dirty as can be he was unconscious he woke up in a hospital.

"Huh, w-where am I?" Crimson said, "you’re in the northern hospital you bumped your head pretty bad", said alin "you landed in mud from Running". Running! He saw his brothers on the side of him "Oh, you are so going to get it if it got on my new clothes", jacori said, he looked around to find his clothes as muddy as can be.

"NO! The spirits it’s gone!" He said (with such panic). What spirit said davel, "The spirit in the clothes" Crimson said, "That explains the blue light that I saw" davel said, "As blue as the sky".
Everyone turned to see alin gone they looked outside to find him standing on top of the building with eyes as black as the night snickering, laughing evilly.

"I’M FREE!!"

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