The monsters

January 3, 2013
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It was one cold night in Rochester, NY when Troy was walking over to best friend Tommy’s house to sleep over that night.
Troy woke up hearing big footsteps down English rd. Troy was scared and so woke up Tommy to see what was going on they looked through the window. “Holy s***” said Tommy.
“Damn that thing is huge” said Troy. Maybe we should stay hidden don’t you think yeah maybe we should for a little bit. Tommy and Troy were still hearing foot stomps down English rd and were getting more creeped as the night went on. Across the street Troy saw lights on and zombies walking toward Mike’s house one of Troy and Tommy’s friend. Troy decided to call up Tommy. “Hey mike this is Troy and you have zombies outside your house you need to turn off your lights and close your blinds and lock your door” said Troy”. Holy Crap Yeah I will turn off my lights mike said when mike turned off the lights the zombies started walking away.

The next morning the Zombies had passed and Troy and Tommy went over to Mike’s house to get him because they were going to find a place that had guns.

“Tommy we should check the Police Office and check in the storage room to see if they have any Assault rifles and Barrette .50 calibers.

”Hey look over here I found some ak-47’s we could use” Mike said. Try and find some grenades so we can blow the hell out of them.

Night was coming shortly and they had all the guns and weapons they needed for survival. What they didn’t have was food so they had to go the night without having food.

“ZOMBIES!!! Get cover boys were going kill some Zombies tonight” Tommy said. So as the night went on Michael, Tommy and Troy had killed a lot of zombies but they knew there more zombies coming there way because of there gun shots they fired so they all hided and slept for the night.
The next morning they got up and started heading east because a lot of zombies were going that way so that’s where they wanted to head. When they got to east Rochester there were zombies everywhere and they didn’t want to give up their position.

“Lets head up to those roofs so we can snipe the hell of those bad boys” said Tommy. So everybody headed up to the roof.
When the boys were done there were a lot of zombies on the ground. They had a hard days work so the three amigos decided to go home and hopefully that was the last of the zombies in Rochester NY but they knew more zombies were coming but they needed rest for now.


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