Fire and Ice

January 2, 2013
By MonsterGirl2000 SILVER, Des Moines, New Mexico
MonsterGirl2000 SILVER, Des Moines, New Mexico
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When it seems like there’s no one left to run to in this empty world you can come to me I’ll be your shooting star. You can tell me your dreams I can’t promise to make them come true, but I’ll be there to pick up the pieces of your broken heart if your dreams happen to fall through…Unknown

Fire and ice run through my veins. Fiery love and icy blood. Now I bet you are wondering why icy blood. Well here it is plain and simple; I am the daughter of Hades and Chione. Hades if the lord of hell and Chione is the goddess of ice. So being their daughter gives me many things. For instance I can use ice to my advantage hence the icy blood. The whole fiery love part is mostly because I am madly in love with a guy named Nathaniel. He is so dreamy. He has shaggy, black hair and vicious blue eyes.
Now the only bad thing is he is in love with my half twin, Nakita. Nakita is 100% devilish. Her mother is Hecate and her father Hades. She has black hair down to the middle of her back, skinny, and has fiery red eyes. Nakita knows that I am totally in love with Nathaniel, so of course she is flirting with him like crazy.
Some days I wish it would all stop. I mean my father shuns and regrets having me, my sister treats me like poop, and my step mother is just trying to kill me literally. You may think that I am exaggerating on the whole step mom thing, but I’m not. Just last week she tried to drown me in lava, and last night she tried to suffocate me in my sleep! So now you know that I’m not exaggerating when I say that she is an evil step mother.
The reason my father regrets and shuns me is because I’m not 100% evil, just 50% evil. The reason Nakita hates me is because she envies me.
I have no clue as to why Nakita envies me. I mean she has everything, literally! She has a mother, my father, and my crush.
I mean I’m not all that good looking. I am about 5’4”, mid back length black hair, and icy blue eyes. I am ivory colored because I never leave the house. I wear black outfits at home and sometimes in public, but when I am in public I normally wear sky blue shirts with light blue mini-skirts and a pair of blue heels. I am guessing when I say that you can figure out that my favorite color is blue.
I think that guys want the good girls to turn bad for them. The girls want the bad guys to turn good for them. In the end guys and girls can’t get along because their wants are too high to achieve.
Nathaniel was a good and a bad guy. Around me he is all sweet and interesting, but around Nakita he is all tough guys.
I quickly look down at my outfit because Nathaniel was coming towards me. Ah devils in hell! I wore my black gown. The one that sits upper thigh and gradually increases in length behind me, the front is also a little low cut showing more cleavage than I would like. I sigh just as he approaches. I am well aware if the cologne that he is wearing, a strong musky smell. If I wasn’t so mad at myself I would be acting all weird. I was also aware of his relationship status, he was dating Nakita. If her devilish looks could kill my icy spirit I would be dead.
Nathaniel asked me out. I said yes for two reasons, one I liked him, and two too get back at Nakita. Nathaniel mumbled under his breath, “Wear outfits like that more often, babe, or else.” I was his property now. I had to follow his every command. I told my father about him. For once I felt like my father was proud of me until he said, “Bring him over tomorrow so I can meet him. Also Rhea dress like that more often, I like it.” I nodded and took off towards my room.
The next day at school Nathaniel approached me. He told me that I looked sexy in my dress. Which is dark red, low cut, and with a little leg showing. I mentioned that my father wanted to meet him tonight over a super. He nodded his agreement; I told him that he needed to be a bad boy in front of my father.
Later at dinner my father and Nathaniel broke into conversation about how the underworld could use some more respect. I tried to look extremely interested, but I kept spacing out. When they asked me if I thought the underworld needed more respect I said yes firmly.
After supper my father told us that Nathaniel and I needed to be alone in a room together. I took a deep breath that would hopefully calm me down. It didn’t it only made matters worse. What in the bloody hell was wrong with me? Nathaniel closed the door behind him. I perched worriedly on my desk. As Nathaniel slinked across the room towards me I fretted about what was going to happen. When he reached me his breathing was rapid. “Now babe, I have never had a girl make me feel like that before.” I worriedly sat on the desk, while he just stands there. He looked at me and turned abruptly away. I was scared because he often had a bad temper. All he did was lay on the bed. I could easily tell that he was distraught. I got up from my seat and slinked to him. As I lay down beside him he looked at me with fear.
I couldn’t tell as to why he was scared. All of a sudden my hellhound, Coal bounded across the room, and onto my bed. She stopped dead in her tracks and growled at Nathaniel. I laughed a little before getting a menacing glare from Nathaniel, I called Coal down. She slinked low and lay down on the side of the bed I was on. Nathaniel was clearly not scared, but mad. All of a sudden he swung a punch at me, had it not been for my cat like reflexes I would behold a black and blue bruise. Coal sprung to life and onto my bed. Nathaniel went to hit Coal, but she bit his fist as it connected with her jaw line. Coal was unharmed, but I knew what would happen tomorrow at school. I yelled no at Coal, she looked confused. I mean here was this man trying to harm me. All she did was slink off the bed. He slapped me across the face.
I felt the devil rise in me. I returned his punch straight to the joint of his jaw. I knew my father could sense the devil in me at the moment. He burst through the door, only to see Nathaniel punch me and I punch him. He called an end to his brawl. I stopped immediately, but Nathaniel kept kitting me, taking advantage of my sudden stillness. Soon Nathaniel disappeared. It was my father and I, for the first time my father gave me a hug and checked me up and down. I had a few broken bones, and couple of bruises. The next day, I had packed up my stuff and was heading towards my mothers. It was nice and cold compared to the hot hell I lived in. I saw her before she saw me.
My father introduced us. I felt an instant bond with her. She hugged me and I cried out. My father realizing that there were broken bones told her careful. He just left us standing on the river. My mother instantly told me to lie down. I obeyed, she checked me up and down. As if she saw my broken bones she froze me in ice. After a couple of days she unfroze me. Still seeing the broken bones that ached, she froze only those areas. For a few days I moved only if needed, after I got used to the ice changing every day I moved around every day. I stayed for a few months, after the first month I was fully healed. At the fourth month Nathaniel showed up.
My mother, Chione, spoke the language of the ice people. Which only I understood, I nodded at her question. She counted to three which sounded more like, “Ett, två, tre.” Luckily Nathaniel didn’t understand. We attacked by freezing all of him, well all except his head. My mother interrogated him. So my mother erased his memories and sent him back to his house. I left after that, though I think of her every day, we still talk to each other.

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on Jan. 28 2013 at 11:42 am
MonsterGirl2000 SILVER, Des Moines, New Mexico
9 articles 0 photos 53 comments

Favorite Quote:
When it seems like there’s no one left to run to in this empty world you can come to me I’ll be your shooting star. You can tell me your dreams I can’t promise to make them come true, but I’ll be there to pick up the pieces of your broken heart if your dreams happen to fall through…Unknown


on Jan. 28 2013 at 11:40 am
CookieMonster24 PLATINUM, Delhi, Other
25 articles 2 photos 149 comments
You are so creative! Plus this work is well phrased! I just love it! 


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