I thought I couldn't, but i Did

January 2, 2013
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I thought I couldn't, but I did.
1. Second Stomach is a fictional extra energy storage device that is surgically added to the body. I can store up to 7 days of energy and automatically distributes the energy in our body in the area required
2. The words underlined are imaginary inventions of mine and are my intellectual property (even the names (except of course the generic “Command Sequence”))
2. Everything is imaginary including the proof except the science.
3. Hawking Radiation is a complex radiation which escapes as remnants from Black Holes. It is theorised by Dr. Stephan Hawking. This radiation is still hypothetical so it’s still a mystery if anything escapes from a Black Hole or not!
4. The Funny letter ? (pronounced as psi) is the 23rd Greek Letter and is my favourite

“T-60 minutes to Touchdown”

We were on our way to N?-2c.The only known planet known to be identical to earth! The satellite telescope Chandrasekhar showed images of large oceans on the planet! N? is in a binary Star System. The stars are N?-1 and N?-2 are the two stars. N?-1 is a neutron star which emits X-Rays and N?-2is a Star like the Sun. And like most binary star system, the yellow dwarf (N?-2) revolved around the neutron star (N?-1), but unlike most, N?-2’s revolution around N?-1’s revolution is quite slow.
Earth... our Home Planet was 1 tachyon year or 5 light years away. We felt so lonely and scared yet so lucky... We were risking our lives for something we weren’t sure of, but if we were successful, we’d be the most important and most famous people on Earth.
With Astro and Evolutionary biologist Trinity, Astrophysicist and cryptologist Blast, co-pilot and linguist Wave and I, captain of the ship and High-Energy Physicist, Paradox were all getting ready to take over auto-pilot. We exercised for 15 minutes and of course took our anti-cosmic ray and X-ray and ‘high energy rays’ exposure medicine. We injected our 7 day food supply in our 2nd Stomach for all changes in fate and for usage of extra energy in case of an emergency and then finally stretched so that we got ready.
I and Wave sat on our seats, while Trinity and Blast took their positions monitoring the systems. As I gently gained control over the vehicle’s motion, Wave turned off Autopilot.
“Entering N? Binary Star System. T-45 minutes to Touchdown”
We received a message from the Base on Earth, 5 light years away,
“Captain we have a problem. N?-1, the neutron star is becoming unstable quite fast. We believe that in 13 minutes it may become...”
”A black hole?” I cut in
“Yes.” he replied,”Run Command Sequence Adrenalin.”
“Are you sure about Adrenalin? Last time the results weren’t so successful.” I said.
“Captain, it’s the only chance we have...I think.”
“Alright then, let’s hope the odds are in our favour.”
I asked Blast and Trinity to keep a closer eye on the Gravitational Signature of the N?-2 and the matter transfer from N?-1. I and Wave turned the ship around and then run CSAdrenalin. Adrenalin is named after the hormone. The fight or flight hormone. It is made for any emergency situation. The crew aboard first has to wear the light speed spacesuit. Once the Command Sequence is executed, then the fastest spaceship- The Cheetah-16 is also launched, which moves at 10 times the speed of light, (when in space of course) and would reach us in 5-6months (which in space travel isn’t a lot of time). The only time CSAdrenalin was used was when the last spaceship neared a planet from where we received high-frequency waves, and then a neighbouring star exploded in a supernova, but the ship malfunctioned, as when the machinery moved that fast, it dislocated.
We had to hurry. We had to convert to a slower speed to turn around, otherwise we would take more time to turn, but this wasn’t the problem; It took five minutes to shift to the lower speed and five minutes to shift from regular to tachyon and another 2.5 minutes to turn. But... I got an idea!
Without wasting any more time on calculations switched to regular, and instead of moving in the same line (as it said in the Adrenaline manual), I gently turned the ship in the opposite direction.
Trinity reported the exponential increase per 3 minutes in the gravity of the area. We all knew the Gravity of the Situation. We knew it was now or never. With ship turning, during the conversion from tachyon to regular we would save almost a minute. With the increasing gravity, we all felt the time slow down even more and us being accelerated in the other direction. I wasted no time, and switched to Tachyon, while Blast tried reaching for the Activation of CSAdrenaline. We were just near the event horizon, when we had turned just enough and Wave had activated Adrenaline in the nick of time. And we zoomed out, reaching the escape velocity for the black hole! In fact, because of our high speed, we attracted some parts of a nearby planet with the escaping radiation from the black hole and we trapped it in our radiation storage area in the ship it in as proof! We had proved Hawking Radiation can exist! We reported immediately to the base at Earth that we had survived and were on our way home!
On our arrival, every one welcomed us like heroes and we had proved an important experiment to know the escape velocity (since we first accelerated into the black hole and then escaped) and the gravitational pull of the Black holes. Though we couldn’t find another suitable planet for human habitation, but did solve one of the mysteries of physics and black holes by proving Hawking Radiation!
Nobody expected this to happen. We did it.
We escaped from a black hole.

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Zorawar said...
Jan. 3, 2013 at 2:23 am
Greetings Fellow Readers! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it was just after the article was published that i have come to know that the website does not support Greek Letters (although they were visible in the submission box). As much as the question mark disheartens me, there's nothing i can really do. Sorry about that.
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