Finding Peace

December 20, 2012
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I was pressed up against a wall in what I believe is a cell. It is bitter cold. I must have been dreaming, because I don’t remember falling asleep. My legs were extremely weak.
“Hello?” I whisper, “Is anyone there?”
There was no response. I was worried, not because I’m scared, but because I can’t comprehend much at this point. I needed to get out of there because the smoke started to fill inside of me, I could feel it.
As I tried to stand up my legs start to shake. It feels as if I haven’t ever stood on my own before. Why? Why do I feel like this?
“Ugh.” I sigh.
As I start to move around, I notice a faint white glowing light.
“Hellooo!” I call again, but with this time a little more of a screech in my voice.
Still no one responded. I begin to walk forward a few more feet and look around.

I find a very oversized door, it’s like beyond huge. I am an adventurous person, normally. This, but this is different. I think that I’m scared. “Wow. Okay Phew... Just do it Jayde, open the door.” I thought to myself. I reach for the knob, and something very strange happened. The knob began to glow. This startled me. So, I clench my eyes as tight as ever and jerk the knob open.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek.” The door said as if it were trying to talk as it opened.
“Jayde, pull yourself together! You need to just get suck it up and open your eyes to see what’s coming next.” I lectured myself.
This place is chilling. It resembles a haunted house. It’s really dark.
“Ugh.” I groaned.
There are strange noises and odd white figures floating around the room.
“I can see you!” I screamed.
But nobody had the nerve to answer me. I keep walking.
“Look guys... girls. I am just trying to get out of here!” I yelled.
It remained silent. But I notice something… pictures of my family and I. All Starting from when I was born. This is nerve-racking.
“Oh no… I can feel the pathway coming to an end.” I huff.
I was right, it came to an end. My hands began to shake. There is a mirror. An old fashioned mirror that is golden, but very dusty. I brush the glass with my sweat shirt to see myself.
“Oh my god.” I gasped cupping my bruised hands over my mouth.
Why on earth do I look like this? My hoodie has a hole in it on the left shoulder. My hair is fizzy & all over the place, but what is this on my hands, and my face why are bloody. I look even closer and see that I have mascara all under my eyes as if I had been crying.

“Hey Jayde! Your mom wanted me to make sure you got in the house okay, because she had to stay at work a little later than usual. But she gave me the key, so I’ll walk you in!” One of my mom’s good friends, who happened to also happened to be our neighbor said very persuasively. I just nodded my head and smiled saying
“Alright! Are you sure, I can just go in myself.” I said with a little hint of worry in my voice. “What would your mom think about that, Jayde? I think I should walk you in.” He said, as he grabbed my bag and began to lead my shoulder towards my house.
He opened the garage and started to walk inside.
“Thank you, Mr. Jim! It was nice to see you again!” I said trying to get rid of him.
But Jim continued to walk farther and farther into my house.
“Jayde How was your day?” He questioned me with a friendly voice, “You look great.” Jim also added.
I kept my guard up because it was out of the ordinary.
“Thanks Mr. Jim.” I managed to mutter.
He stood up.
“Jayde, you are so beautiful… But I can’t bare to see you anymore, You look too much like my ex wife...”
Jim walked closer and closer to where I was, emphasizing each word harder and harder. I panicked.
“Mr. Jim I think it’s time for you to leave.” I whimpered and began to slowly walk away.
I could feel the tension in the room.
“I don’t think so sweetie.” He darted towards me.
I bolted up the stairs. I knew there was nothing to save me up there… But I was willing to try. “Jim stop! What are you doing! Please!” I screamed as loud as I could.
I gave up. I could feel myself giving up. He had me on the ground. I was done. Jim proceeded to take out a little knife and stab me.

I couldn’t bare to watch this anymore. I can’t stop crying. Jim, the man my mom trusted one of her very good friends killed me. He took my life away. I scream out of anger. I hate remembering this, but it’s all coming back. All of the fear in my eyes. I can’t even grasp why this happened to me. I broke that stupid mirror. No, I shattered that life ruining mirror. As soon as the mirror broke the weirdest thing happened the little white light returned.
“Hello?” I said.
My voice cracked. The light floated. I followed it, I had to. The light guided me towards a forest. Like a beautiful forest. It looked like a picture out of a children’s book. It glistened off the sun. This was the first time I had seen light since it happened. I looked around for the light, and saw nothing.
“I can see you, I’m sorry I don’t know your name! I am just lost and I need any kind of help I can get.”
Out of nowhere an unusual ringing chimed in my ears. Then around buzzed the little mysterious light. I turned my head because the light was getting bigger and bigger and brighter than usual. “Jayde? It’s alright; I’m not going to hurt you. Please don’t scream!”
The light said with a gentle voice. I nervously opened my eyes and whispered
“Who are you…?” A girl that wasn’t there before appeared and she was beautiful, she looked like someone from a movie.
“My name is Mia. I’m your guardian from now on.” She announced to me.
“What do you mean, my guardian? I’m confused.” I questioned.
She spun around and joyfully said “I am here to show you what happened to you and guide you to the door.”
I don’t hesitate to start crying. I don’t even know why I am crying.
“Jayde, are you okay?” Mia questioned my tears.
“I don’t know what I am. I just need my mom, I want to go home.” I whimpered.
“Let’s take you home then Jayde, let’s take you home”
Mia put her arm around me and walked me towards a new direction.

“Jayde. Open your eyes.” Mia whispered into my ear.
I looked around I am back to the original room I started out it; only, it is much lighter so I can actually see. There is not much in it.
“Mia I’m dead aren’t I? I am never gonna see my mom again?” I began to cry again.
“Jayde don’t cry you will be just fine. I will provide you with anything you’ll ever need. Anytime, anywhere.”
Mia told me as she sat down next to me. I dried my eyes and smiled at her
“Thanks Mia. So what’s now?”
“Well go and open that door over there and I’ll let you know from there.”
I walked to the door and looked at it up and down for a good five minutes. I reached for the handle and pulled. The door wouldn’t budge. I looked over at Mia.
“I was worried this would happen.” Mia sighed.
“Jayde clear your mind. Forget about your past and all the wrong things. Forget about it all.” She stood and held my hands.
I started to remember everything. My boyfriend, my mom, my grades, soccer. All of it.
“Mia I’m done. I am done worrying about my past, I’m ready to move on to my future.”
I wiped any tears from my eyes.
“You’re ready. Go to the door.” Mia said.
I walked to the door once again. Praying that it would open. I pressed down on the handle. That little golden handle what would happen in my next chapter of life. I was nervous.

The door opened. I turned back to Mia and smiled.
“I did it. We did it.” Mia waved and faded away, but as she went away she said
“I’ll meet you on the other side Jayde, waiting for you.”
I knew at this exact moment, I was ready. This dark room I was once very frightened of turned into my most favorite place in the world because it made me realize that life goes on and people will do horrible things, but you need to find peace and push through it.

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