The End of The World

December 21, 2012
By joeyfitz17 BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
joeyfitz17 BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
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The year is 3000. Earth is in ruins, destroyed by greed, selfishness and global nuclear war. This is the story of how I survived.

So, at first there were the Three Powers, the United States, Russia and China. All three countries all wanted to become richer and more powerful than the others and they would do anything to do so. They would lie, steal, and kill each other for money and power. The result? Global nuclear war was evidently the right answer. China and the United States were the first to launch missiles, quickly followed by Russia. Western and Eastern Civilization were destroyed in the aftermath. That summarizes what happened in the past, but now to the present.

Now, there is no electricity so I guess you can imagine what that’s like. No television, running water or heat. We depend on each other and fire. Fire is everyone’s new best friend. It helps us stay warm, cook food and keep animals away. Sure there are still many animals around like deer, bears, wolves, birds and most of the animal kingdom there are a very large amount of cockroaches. They scared the living daylights out of me once when I found one in my hair while I was sleeping. We live off the land though, hunting farming and gathering. The one source we have enough of is water. We established a home on Lake Michigan which is quite helpful with its water and fish. The only problem is that we aren’t quite sure if someone is going to come by with guns and other weapons and take our people or supplies away. That is probably the worst thing that could happen.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I am living with all my family, both my Mom and my Dad’s sides. We have a lot of people around and there is a lot to do. Hunting is what the men do while women and children farm and gather from the woods. Our most plentiful food besides fish from the lake is potatoes. Since the fresh lake water has irrigated the soil by the shore, we have started a very big farm. We grow lots of foods like potatoes, corn, beets, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, beans and a lot more. We also have a chicken farm along with cattle. These are a big help and the hunters are always bringing back lots of meat which helps us grow.

The only problem that we have experienced was the first week that the nukes and Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP) went off. We found a nuclear shelter in our basement and immediately went down with all the supplies we would need to survive; food, water, clothing, books and board games, weapons and other essentials. We contacted our family with a HAM radio set we found in the shelter. We all met on the shore of Lake Michigan and began to build houses.

We now have a small village consisting of 10 houses, a school, a church and a police station. We have managed to survive this long and I hope we continue to prosper without problems.

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