Dreams Become Reality

December 13, 2012
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“I have only been here for maybe two weeks working with them and I already have two hits.” I had been talking on the phone to one of my friends and co-manager. “Yes, I know what happens to people who get in over their head too quickly. They plummet where no one will like them anymore.
I’m Dark Madurai. I’m an upbeat could-care-less type, but when it comes when it comes to certain things I get very serious. I have spiked purple hair from the top on my head down to the front, my eyes are crimson red but that’s just my natural color, people think I’m a vampire. I guess you can say I’m athletic but I’m 5’8.
I walked out of the news station three hours later. I had just gotten out of a live television interview, at the end they gave me a strange black and purple with red stone that seemed to glow bright whenever I passed a dark alley. It was getting on my nerves. I hung up the phone and pulled out the stone walking into the next alley. It grew brighter than the other times and started burning my hand, I tried shaking it off but that didn’t work.
As I brought it up high bracing for impact of the ground, I was attempting to smash it. I brought it down closing my eyes, I felt grass, I opened my eyes and blinked twice. “What the hell is this? How did I get here? I looked around and took a few steps; the stone burned again and encased my body in what looked to be a human size case of the stone. I broke out of it looking at my body and I yelled but instead of a yell it was a roar.
The next thing I know I wake up in a hospital bed. With no memory of what had just happened.

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