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This is the new population: Humans 5%, Humans with hybrid blood in genes 20%, Hybrids 25%, Merfolk 50%, demons ?, Unknown Race ?. This is New World North America, or as we call it NWNA. This is 2112. All the “buildings” the ancient humans built crumbled down to the ground. Technology still exists, but in a faraway land, an underground base. Merfolk create the technology, as well as create weapons. Any type of weapons you can think of, maybe even more.

We are descendents of the first 8 hybrids that were created with a purpose. With power no human can control, the first to wield new technology.

It was the year 2012. Most humans didn’t survive the world destruction of 2012. Before the destruction hit, they captures animals from different species and boarded them on ships built to withstand the waters. After, they chose several humans who survived to experiment on them. They called it the hybrid Project. Most of them died and some had to be put down. Only 8 successful hybrids had survived.

These new hybrids can control anything at their own will and change anything as they please.

Seven clans were created and had thrived

The Oakfeather clan live in forests primarily made up of oak trees and are known to hunt many birds to feast upon. They are swift and their light steps are barely heard, soft as a feather.
The Redclaw clan hunts using their nails to grab onto the prey. They live in forests, but often hunt out near the mountains. They are fast, nimble, and agile which allows them to catch the fastest of prey.
The Moonlitdiamond clan flies over the forests and mountains during the full moon. They eat mostly rodents, but when it’s hard to find those rodents they settle on eating insects or tree bark. They live in the trees on the mountain sides and in some of the lower caves. These caves have many diamonds amongst the walls and light up when the moon shines over the caves.
The Scarletrivers clan lives in between two twin rivers that separate away from each other, making a “V” shape land in between them. They use reddish colored clay to make their pottery and the sand outlining the rivers is a reddish color. This sand causes the river to have a scarlet-like color.
The Dragoneye clan is the fiercest clan of all. They live in the highest caves of the mountains, being able to withstand temperatures below freezing, only coming down to restock their food. They rarely talk, but when they are riled up they can destroy a whole city in just minutes. Stories from other tribes said or rather described that when a Dragoneye member gets furious or livid, their right eye changes into a dragon’s eye.
The Diorfang clan lives in the city among the humans, since they can fit in so well. Their “fangs” give the impression that they are dangerous to mess around with. “Dior” is pronounced the same as dire. They can cause anyone to have a bad luck ranging from having a bad day to having everyone fall prey to diseases and other illnesses.
The Emeraldstone clan lives in the cities. Like the Diorfang clan, they can blend in the humans as well as being the one clan that is most unheard of. The only symbol signifying that they are part of the mentioned tribe is a small green-emerald stone fused in a pendant they hang around their necks.
Their clans thrived until that fateful day. War broke out between us hybrids and them humans. No one knows how. It was the year 2104 the year that changed our lives. We were children then. Children that saw our own parents murdered before our very own eyes. All 8 of us scrambled away, afraid that they might catch us, afraid for our lives. We didn’t know about our special powers back then. We didn’t know we could use Demon Spells.
What good did it do for us to escape with our lives? We will still be hunted down, either by the human scientists, or the uncivilized races in the forests.
The humans don’t own weapons. They were destroyed in the war, bombed by us hybrids. They were afraid that the humans would revolt against them.
That was then, this is now. The year 2112, but war is going to get a jump start, in this battle field of races.

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