Vamps V.S. Death Itself

December 4, 2012
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Okay, call me crazy. But I swear to you, I'm a vampire! Crazy right? I’ve kept it a secret for far too long. Speed? Nope, that's a stereotype for every vampire. Do they come out only at night? No, stereotype as well. I'm a day walker only lords can't come out they make it dark outside quicker. I eat animals over humans any day. I’m not the only one either. Did I choose to be a vampire? No. I'd rather be human I miss being in the sun everyday but my powers are strengthen everyday so I can be outside for as long as I want. My mom is a Wolf so how did I become a vampire got bit because my dumb-ass almost died all over a bone sad right? Even my dad's a wolf and my adoption mother agreed to change me. (Everyone in my family died.) I’d rather be wolf, I miss being a wolf. I admit I miss howling at the moon. And turning into the dog everyone loved to feed they now think is dead. If I do any of that now, I get laughed at and get put in a mental hospital, that’s Kentucky for you I guess but this is more of a monologue not a fictional story

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