A strange life

December 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I have a strange life - a life no one would understand, but i’m going to try to explain it anyways. To begin,my name is Kubar. Yes, I know it’s a funny name, but let’s get back to the serious matter at hand. Today I was bored to heck, all I did was sit on my couch thinking of what I can do for fun, then I thought about going to the arcade at my favorite pizza shop.There I would play pac-man or galliga that space game since I was so bored how could I say no to my favorite game so I went. It has been since I went there so it seemed like a million new games got shipped in but Galliga was still my favorite.There was one game that I was itching to play since it was new and just released two days ago it was mvc (Marvel vs Capcom). I played that first then pac-man and after that I played my number one favorite galliga. After I finished playing things got strange and weird... the game spoke to me in writing and said they are coming prepare yourself. At first I thought it was a new part to the game, but it was shortly proven wrong. There was breaking news on tv saying that “there had been a radiation outbreak that transformed human into some type of monster. described as zombies and the radiation also seemed to attract aliens seeking test subjects if this continues there will no longer be any humans or animals on this plane”.
You know I don’t stand a chance as do I so I wrote this somewhere safe before they could get here this is to whoever finds this, I might still be alive. If you are reading this send me signal and i’ll come find you. Life is full of surprises.

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