Halloween Part Four

December 5, 2012
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Halloween Part Four
“Muahaha!” cried the magician in a perfectly evil laugh. “You failed boy! No matter what you do, that helmet is no better than a piece of junk at a garage sale.” And he was right; I was going to die from his lightning or be trapped in an interdimensional prison forever. I was about to let go and accept my fate when I heard Mr. Jameson’s voice inside my head.

“No time to explain,” he said “Do you, by solemn covenant, swear to serve the Light and fight the Darkness?”

“I do,” I said finding I truly believed the words.

“Can you accept the responsibilities of the Knight?”

“I can.”

“Will you come to the call of the Knights?”

“I will.”

“By the power of Light this pact is sealed!” thundered Mr. Jameson’s voice. As soon as the last word ended a brilliant light flared around me. My clothes seemed to become heavier, much heavier. I looked down and saw the shining silver armor that had appeared on Mr. Jameson. I gripped the handle of the sword at my side.

“WHAT?” screamed the magician in complete disbelief. “I am the master of the demon! Keeper of the secret scrolls. I am-” he was cut short by the presence of my sword against his throat.

“Going to sleep.” I finished for him, bashing the flat of my blade against his head. He crumpled to the ground. “That’s one problem down.” I said, then turning to the half escaped demon, “And one to go.” I looked at the scroll floating in the air, the characters that had seemed so complex now looked like normal English.

“Please.” whimpered the demon as I picked up the chant where Mr. Jameson had left off, “I will serve you for a thousand years, I will share with you the secrets of magic much more powerful than the helmet, I can make you immortal.”

I paused for a moment, looking down at the demon. I saw a faint smile tug against its lips. I knew then it would never deliver on its promises. A heart that black could only be controlled by an equally dark master. “Thanks,” I said, “But no thanks.” I chanted the last line of the spell, making the incarceration of the demon permanent, but with one small alteration. I left room for one person to join him.

As the portal closed I pushed the magician into the space that would float around dimensions forever. A fitting punishment, eternity with the demon. The red circle closed with a thundering boom and a flash of light. All that was left was a small white cross seared into the ground.

I rushed over to Mr. Jameson, who lay quietly on the ground. “Don't worry.” I said a bit hysterically. “I’ll use the helmet and-”
“No David, the knife... had some of the demon’s blood on it... nasty stuff... it’s spread too far already.” And he wasn't wrong. He looked haggard, his skin was pale and he was breathing shallowly. I tried to find a way to help but Mr. Jameson was right, I had no idea what to do.
I just knelt there for a moment as he drew one last ragged breath and died. I knelt there for a moment, staring at the person who didn't know I had existed a few hours ago and had just sacrificed his life to save me. “No.” I said to myself, “It won't end like this!”
I concentrated on the power in the helmet, harder that anything I had ever done in my life. I stood up and traced a thin, gold circle with the tip of my sword around Mr. Jameson’s body. I stepped back as I finished the circle. I don't know how I did it, but I started thinking of some words. They entered my mind not unlike the way Mr. Jameson’s voice had a few moments ago.
“Your life on this world is at an end, but the fatal wound I mend. I call on the power’s of Light to help this poor soul win its fight. You will return from the endless black, from there I command you to come back!” A thunderclap shook the graveyard at the final word. I stood there, not daring to breath, as the golden light from the circle escaped into Mr. Jameson. One breath, two. He gasped and sat up, hand on the wound, but it was gone!
“What happened?” he asked, “I remember you and... the magician!” He jumped up and looked around. “Its okay,” I said “I took care of him.” “The demon?” He asked, “Same.”
At first I thought Mr. Jameson would be mad. He had devoted his whole life to destroying the demon. But then his face broke into a grin. He started laughing, a joyful laugh of relief. I pulled him to his feet and we descended back to the bunkhouse.
On the winter solstice there was a meeting of Knights at some old manor in Michigan. There was a special group of younger Knights there that Mr. Jameson had persuaded me to join. He said I should meet some other Knights my age. He also hinted that there was a special assignment for the younger Knights.
I was really excited to go. But the solstice was some way off. Mr. Jameson said that he could tutor me about Knights until it came. I suppose thats it for now, hopefully I’ll have something even more awesome to tell you about later.

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