Perpetual Beings; I: Survival to the Fittest

December 4, 2012
By UndefinedBeauty GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
UndefinedBeauty GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
“The realities of the world affected me as visions, and as visions only, while the wild ideas of the land of dreams became, in turn,—not the material of my everyday existence—but in very deed that existence utterly and solely in itself.” -Edgar A. Poe

y screams sending a unwanted crowd into my doorway. My mom sits at my side, stroking my brunette locks. She whispers comforting words to me, as sweat trickles down my pale complexion. I hyperventilate, as hot tears begin to stream down my face, My oceanic orbs overwhelmed by my dilated pupils. I was once your typical teenage girl. Life came as a breeze. No worries, free to do whatever my unadulterated heart desired. Jared Coleman came into my life, unexpectedly, and made a disaster among my precious, sane life. Now? Now I have much more to worry about than wearing designer clothing. I have to cope with an endless stream of nightmares, which has became a routine for me. As if that isn't enough, I must be the one to Hunt down innocent beings to survive. No one deserves to die, and now It is me who is taking their lives. I never wanted this. But this is now my life. I'm Rylee Blackwell and I am a monster. Better known as a Vampire to many. Jared Coleman. The reason my sanity has become extinct. I fell for him, and he betrayed me. Turned me into a repulsive, beast. Jared loves to mock me and refer to me as his little blood-sucking, Ethereal deity just because he knows I despise my immortal ways. He knows it's so tough on me, and makes a joke of it. He is just an everlasting pig. He has his ways of charming his way into your heart, en wrapping your soul in a sense of comfort. Then, he squeezes every bit of sanity out of you. As my thoughts rush through my mind, I shut my eyes and take in the sweet scent of my mothers d when his car drove off the side of a bridge. He was a reckless drunk, so It was bound to happen sooner or later. As harsh as it sounds, I didn't take it as hard as mom. She will dread his loss most likely until she dies. Or, of course, until someone sweeps her off her feet. Which won't ever completely take the pain away. I drag my feet up, curling up in fetal position as I breath unevenly. My eyes shut tighter, before I open them slowly.

"Mom, I'm fine. You can go back to whatever you were doing. I'm okay. I promise" I nod, kissing her forehead.

"I'm so sorry you keep having nightmares about dad. You know, Hun, He is watching over you. He loves you so much"

"I know." I release a sigh, wishing I can tell her the truth someday that in reality, I'm not mortal. My dreams aren't about that deadbeat. They're about Jared. That murderous hellion. I despise him with every last bit of my soul.

"Okay, Sweetie. You went to bed too early and now you're going to have a hard time finding sleep again. But, please, darling. Just...Try. Please." She arises from my bed side, so gracefully, making her way towards the door. "I love you, Rylee. You make it easy on me." She nods, exiting.

I release a deep sigh once again, swinging my feet over the side of the bed, walking towards my desk. I grab my phone off my desk, before heading back to my comfy bed.As soon as I turn my phone on, I call Jeremiah.

After a single ring, Jeremiah picks up.
"Hello?" he says softly.
"Hey, Jer."
"Nightmares again?"
"You do know, Vampires don't need to sleep, right?"
"I'm holding on to whatever I have left of my humanity."
"That's completely understandable, Ryles."
"Can I come over, JerBear?"
"Yeah, Sure. Just call me when you get here."
"Okay, bye."

I rise to my feet, changing into a clean long sleeve shirt, deciding that my sweat pants are clean enough to go out in. I grab my worn out sneakers, slipping my petite, size 5, feet into them. After that, I slip into my warm jacket, slipping my phone into the pocket. Within a minute, I am downstairs and out the door. With inhuman speed, I am within inches of Jeremiah's house in minutes. In one jump, I am inside of Jeremiah's room.

"Hey, Jerry." I say, a smile playing amongst my rosy lips.
"Hey, RyleeBear." grins Jeremiah.

I graciously walk over to Jeremiah's bed, sitting down.

"What's been up, Jer?"
"Oh, Nothing. Being a plague to humanity."
A low chuckle escapes Jeremiah's lips as he sits at my side. He places a gentle hand on my knee.

"You and me both." I Smile.
"Aha, so...Why did you want to come over?"
"What, now I can't come over for no reason at all?"
"Yeah, of course. But, you never do, Ryles."
"I'm usually busy. Anyway...I need to ask you a question."
"Shoot, lovely."
"Will you go with me to the girl's choice dance?"
"Y-yeah, Of course..."

A sudden wave of butterflies seemed to contort my stomach into a knot, as a gentle grin tugs at the edges of my soft lips coated in a sheer coat of lip gloss. I stare into Jeremiah's oceanic orbs, watching the immaculate grin on his face.

"I'm sorry you have to go with a vampire."
"Well, at least it's you. An ethereal vampire."

I slowly place a soft kiss amongst Jeremiah's rosy red cheeks, Jeremiah smiles and slowly moves his face, so that our lips slowly integrate, a warm sensation crawling down my spine, causing me to shiver lightly. I grin into our kiss, our lips slowly departing from each others, My lips beginning to long to be merged with his once more.

"Well, I guess I should get going."
"JerBear, you stutter when you're nervous."
"I'm not nervous!" He asserts, a smug grin on his face. "You are no good at vindicating, are you?" I grin.
"Yeah, no." chuckles Jeremiah.
"Okay, I must depart now."
"Bye, Rylee."
"Bye, Jer."

I jump down from Jeremiah's second floor window, landing on my two feet, my hand against the grass for balance. I dust my hands off, once again, using my inhuman speed to return to my home. I take the front door, deciding to take the easy way out.

Once I open my door, I stop in a frightened halt, looking at the dark frame of a male sitting on my bed.
I slowly reach for the light, flicking it on. I sigh in relief, as Jared looks at me.

"What are you doing here, pig? Snooping through my Bra's? Looking through my closet for souvenirs?"
"What? You want me back? No, sweets. Never, ever would I go back to you, you presumptuous jerk. How you even get in anyway? The--"

Before I realize, Jared pins me against the wall, his hand over my mouth.

"Listen, and Listen closely. Your family is in danger and you are lucky I am even here to warn you. Since you are sired to me, My enemies are your enemies. My enemies are out to kill me, and now they want you too. They are determined us when it comes to the death of their enemies."
Jared pauses there to release me once I am listening closely, though I have fear in my eyes. Francesca had a foreboding feeling once she saw Aiden in the driveway. She was right. Aiden is being followed by them. You need to keep a close eye on him unless you want him to be bait. Turner, Lila, Devon and Daniel won't stop until they successfully murder you. Now, If you want to be narcissistic, I'll leave you and your family of mortals, who are incompetent to fend for themselves, on your own against very powerful vampires."

"No, No...I'm so sorry. I thought you came to be a---"
"Hush, Rylee. Now call your friend over."
"Jeremiah? Why?"
"Do as I say. Turner is Hunting down anyone you love."

I feel hot tears begin to swell my eyes as I quickly call Jeremiah, he picks up after the first few rings.

"Hello? Ryles?" Says a sleepy, exasperated voice.
"Yeah, It's me. Can you spend the night?"
"Come on, please. I'm begging you..."
"Okay, Okay. Why the aghast tone?"
"I'll explain later. Just hurry."
"Okay, beautiful. Be there in a few."

With my goodbye, he is gone. I won't be able to put my mind at ease until he is in my presence. "This is exactly why I don't love. It's a weakness."
"You don't love because you don't know how."
"I do, sweetheart. I've had three-Hundred years of practice."
"Have you ever loved someone, but didn't know how to tell them because you were afraid to loose them?
"You are talking about this Zachariah boy?"
"It's Jeremiah, for the record." I grumble, crossing my arms.
"I see how tense you are because I got his name wrong. I know his name. I was testing you."
"I just care about him so much. He means a lot to me."
"He loves you more than you know, Rylee."
"How do you know?"
"The way he looks at you in Theatre. Don't think I didn't see that he was the one to choose Romeo and Juliet as a play suggestion. I think we all know who he'd have chosen to be the Juliet to his romeo."
"Do you think he's...not into girls besides me?"
"Ah, The manscara and the guyliner?" chuckles Jared.
"No..." I fight off fits of laughter. "I don't mean If he's gay. I mean...Do you think he looks at any girls besides me?"
"No. I watch him a lot and never have I saw his eyes travel anywhere unless he is scanning the area for you."
"Why do you watch him?" I say, my eyebrow curving.
"I just do, Okay? For your sake."
"Okay then?" I fiddle with a loose string on my hoodie as I hear rocks being softly thrown at my window. I smile softly, I rush over to my window, pointing to the ladder leaning against the side of my building. As he walks over to the ladder, I hear a shuffle of leaves coming from within the trees, as I jump from my window, my inhuman speeds. My eyes glow a blood red, veins emerge from under my eyes, I growl. My fangs slowly descend from my gums as I vigilant, protective stance in front of Jeremiah.
"Rylee?! What's going on?"
"Go. Run inside."
"No! I refuse to le--"
I cut him off, shouting, "GO! NOW!"
He runs towards the front of my house, heading inside as Jared stands at my side, his eyes a deeper red than mine as he stands, scanning the trees.
"What? What did you see?"
"I heard leaves rustling! I think It's them."

As soon as I finish my sentence, A small raccoon makes it's presence known.
"I can't believe you. Paranoia is getting to you."
"How can it not? I didn't know what could have transpired if it was them. I couldn't bare loosing Jeremiah."

Jared releases a sigh, he shuts his eyes, returning to his normal form, the veins disappearing from under his eyes, as well as mine. I head inside, finding Jeremiah staring outside the window.

"No. Before anything, I want and explanation."

The author's comments:
This piece is Chapter one of my upcoming book. I have already posted it on my other account, TheEpicEchelon. It had many typos and I decided to add more to it, and here is the new draft of chapter 1! If I am 13, with this level of vocab, and I am writing a book, you can easily accomplish things you set your mind to too!

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UndefinedBeauty GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
19 articles 4 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
“The realities of the world affected me as visions, and as visions only, while the wild ideas of the land of dreams became, in turn,—not the material of my everyday existence—but in very deed that existence utterly and solely in itself.” -Edgar A. Poe

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