Demons Unleashed

December 4, 2012
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There was once a legend about a king who ruled over all things and people, good and bad. He helped his kingdom and won many battles, until he became so riddled with power it took him over. That all changed when one brave little boy challenged the king. The fight was long and bloody but despite the fact that the boy was human and his wounds were great, he made one last attempt to kill the king. With one last move he pierced the kings’ heart and killed him, after he ran away from home. Legend has it he is still alive hiding among humans desperately trying to forget his past.
"Why do all the kids hate me? Granted they are better than me but that's no reason to pick on me," said a boy. "You know I don't have the slightest idea, maybe it's because you’re not like us," said the boys’ friend.
His best friend was Zariel, he wasn't like the others. He had unusually black eyes although sometimes turn red when he's mad. It’s like your almost staring into a black hole of nothingness, his hair is wavy and ocean blue that's probably why so many girls are attracted to him, I mean come on! He's practically a model in their eyes, but he's also scrawny and got really freaky at times.
An unknown guy came up to us one night and he was followed by a group of guys, they were armed: bats, know, the usual gang stuff. So anyways they come up to us and ask us what we’re doing out at this time of night and for money, we naturally said no...Then they punched me knocking me to the ground and held Zariel in place. He told me to go get help and I did but when I got back all the guys were on the ground dead, he told me some car came by and shot them, but the thing was when I went to go see the corpses they weren’t covered in bullet wounds...They were RIPPED TO SHREADS.
My name is Xanos Miyagi and yes I know my name is weird and doesn't seem human but somehow I like it. I was born with black and purple hair that looks like it was split to be made even, I'm 5"7 and have baby blue eyes. Someone told me that when I'm mad that my eyes change color to a violent purple. I am 15 and 1/2 and so is Zariel, you can say we're twins of a sort, but. What’s really awkward is that this girl. Tamiya Metzler I think her name is? Keeps following us around, She's about my height but a little shorter, her hair has been dyed with so many different colors it's a purple looking color now, she cuts her hair often, she’s weird but overall personally I think she's cute and interesting.
Today is the day after all that October 13, just two days before my birthday but see the bad thing is...I feel like I'm changing not just emotionally but physically; I've gotten unusually stronger, faster, and SMARTER even! Hell, I can even jump higher!
"Hey X! X! You in there!?" Zariel must have waved his hand in my face at least a million times before I came to. "Jeez you had me worried there" Zariel said, "well don't worry so much I'm fine" I replied with a smug look.
"Well if you two guys are finished can we get going please?" It was Tamiya standing right next to the bed that had said that, "whaa! Where in the hell did you come from!?" I had said with a startle.
Tamiya blinked twice and blushed a bit. "Well my mom said that I've came from him...” I cut her off right there, covering her mouth and shushing her. "I didn't want to hear that I meant how did you get into my house?" I had said but much more calmly. "We both came through the front door, your mom let us in as she was leaving to surprise you" Zariel said. I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes because I was still feeling very sleepy.
"Don't you know what today is?" said Tamiya then out of nowhere before I had a chance to answer Zariel shouted "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!" "Well then, happy birthday to me" I said then laughed.
We laughed almost the whole way to school and I was out of breath, when we got to school as soon as I walk in everyone looks at me then goes back to talking. I start walking down the halls with Tamiya; Zariel went to his locker on the other side of the school so it was just me and her. When we got to my locker girls were coming up to me, I didn't notice because I was busy in my locker but Tamiya growled at them and held my arm tight, I looked at her and she didn't let go in fact she smiled and held tighter. "Uhm Tamiya? I said looking at her. "Yes love?" She said. I had frozen completely for maybe two seconds then I finally spoke. "What did you just call me?" I asked my body was ice cold. "I called you love why?" It was like I knew why she called me that but at the same time it had shocked me. I thought for a minute then answered, "I just wanted to know why you called me that."
She looked down and shrugged as she let go of my arm. "I just wanted to call you love, is that ok?” I thought it over, I mean what could it hurt if she called me love, it’s not like people are going to think were dating.
"Sure, yeah its ok I guess." She then grabbed my arm and hugged me again, this time tighter than before, I thought I was losing blood circulation in my arms so I started to ask her to let go, then I noticed she wasn't paying attention to me at all. She was looking at the two girls coming up to us, in fact they were cheerleaders, the TOP cheerleaders in the school in fact and some of the prettiest, aside from Tamiya of course. She growled at them as a warning that if they came any closer she would hurt them.
"Back away now you two" She hissed at them. They then stopped where they were but they were already so close. It had been Celeste and Alex, Celeste has blue hair and seductive eyes so most of the boys in the school follow her, Alex has red hair and black eyes but she makes up for it with a great smile and body. At once Alex spoke up "Hey Xanos, or can I call you X?" I shrugged and nodded then Tamiya looked at me then back at them Alex spoke again before Celeste could.
"Great! Anyways X we just wanted to say happy birthday that we will be throwing a party for you after school today, EVERYONE'S expecting for you to be there. This time Celeste spoke "We know the schools been giving you a hard time since freshman year." Her voice sounded soothing and made me feel comfortable in a way. "We just wanted to say that we're sorry and that there are quite a few girls that talk about you. But in a good way I mean. Anyways we have to go our class is on the other side of the school and we only have 15 minutes." They both ignored Tamiya's growling and skipped towards me and hugged me from both sides also kissing my cheeks making Tamiya flare up inside, when they let go they ran away to their class waving bye. I guess I’m suddenly liked now ha-ha.
It was almost time for class. We had started walking towards our classrooms, they were right beside each other and the rest would be not until after lunch that we would have classes TOGETHER. "Why do you do that?" I said to Tamiya walking beside me. "Why do I do what?" She replied looking confused.
I stopped in front of my classroom and leaned against the wall with my hands in my pocket. "When a girl tries to come up and talk to me you either grab ahold of me or growl at them as if your about to kill them." I said calmly, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Tamiya poked her two fingers together and blushed. "Well, you see X..I just don't want us to end, they keep trying to get you away from me and use you for themselves." At that moment I thought s***, girl trouble, where the hell is Zariel!?

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