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Path Changer

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I ran, looking over my shoulder constantly. I ran not only to save my life but to save the lives of all the other unknowns-the Others that had a gift from the Gods. We were no longer revered, no longer hailed as messengers of the Gods which humankind used to worship. No. Now we were shunned, turned out of villages that used to love us, used to crown us with golden flowers.

Times change.

It is quite a feeling to go from the very top to the very bottom. No words can ever describe the total soul-wrenching loss I have felt. I used to be vain, fat, content to be the most Untouchable of us all. Now I am the most sought after still, yes. I mean, who wouldn't like to catch Sharika, the Golden Girl, The Flame, The Oracle? I hold the very key to life and death.

It is not such a good thing after all.

I used to smile and toss back my long golden tresses, while my priests gazed at me in wonder. What can I do?
I can rip open the curtain between our world and the Gods. All I do is grasp and tug. It is not such a feat after all, but no-one else can do it. Only I.

I trip, so lost in my thoughts that I do not see the blasted tree root. I sprawl onto the floor, feeling the blood start to trickle down my leg. No time for that. I scramble up and I'm off, fleeing like a hare from the hounds.

Their bays are getting closer.The hounds have smelt blood. They are closing in. I feel the thud of heavy feet in front of me too late. I screech to a halt but am unable to escape the arms of steel that enclose me. I kick and scratch-i have but precious seconds until the rest catch up with my captor. And then it will all be over.

I look up into his face and hiss as his rugged features are seen. "Euphorius. Never thought that I would see one of my own such advent followers betray me like this."
"Be quiet, wench. When your demise is complete, the demise of ALL of your kind complete, the gods will once again favour us. We will be blessed once again!"

I scratch him across the face and twist free. I have already ripped the fragile curtain between the worlds.

"The gods are dying, Euphorius. And an impostor has taken their place. I WILL restore order to the lands.!" I slip through into the cool night of another land and watch with satisfaction as his contorted features filled with hate watch me slip through his fingers.

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