Run for the Hills

November 18, 2012
By Sherlocked BRONZE, Romeo, Michigan
Sherlocked BRONZE, Romeo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"I may be on the side of the angels but don't for one second think that I am one of them."



"Women are wretched. Women are evil. That is why they all died out. Repeat."
Our childlike voices mimicked his words. I could hear my voice over the others; even then it was a strong and firm sound.
"We are a better race, a superior race. Women were only good for one thing," the Leader paused to smirk.
We all giggled with him, even though none of us had the slightest idea what he was talking about. None of us had even seen a woman before.
"Ethan, what are we?" the Leader asked me.
He always asked me questions because I always had the answers he wanted to hear. They were the answers that got me so high up into the ranks, way higher than most of my peers would even dream of going.
"We are strong, we are males." My eyes gleamed with the truth of my words. At that age I believed everything the Leaders ever whispered into my ears.
"Very good," his lips rose as if they were going to smile, but of course, he wouldn't. Emotions showed weakness, and Leaders were never to be weak.
Leader 967-10 was a serious man; he took pride in his role of teaching young males the laws and reasons of our existence. Though, most men tried for higher roles. Most of us wanted to be part of the Elite.
That was an absurd dream for most of my peers, the majority of them would be sent into Laboring or Engineering. A select few would be permitted to study the arts, and maybe one of us would be trained to become a part of the Elite, but even that didn't guarantee you a rank. A lot of times you'd still just become a Squad Leader and train soldiers.
Not that being a Squad Leader wasn't a respected job or anything, it just wasn't anything compared to being a part of the Elite.
"We have high expectations of you, Ethan 478-21."
I just nodded
"Again. Women are wretched, women are evil. Repeat." He barked
And we did.

The author's comments:
The intro to Run for the Hills, a work in progress

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