November 17, 2012
By Nerd101 BRONZE, Dekalb, Missouri
Nerd101 BRONZE, Dekalb, Missouri
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"It's not what it is, It's what it can become" Dr Sues

Chapter 1
Nixes breathe curls down my back.

“It’s alright you had no way of knowing.” She says trying to comfort.
I stuff my clothes into my backpack; remembering peering into the telescope seeing white and brown versions of us, life on another planet. When I tried to tell the other scientist they just laughed at me, but that was the least of my worries. The leading scientist took me to the government and tried to convince me I was crazy; I am not.
The government got ahold of me, threatening to clear my mind. That was before I got away, that was when my former life ended. I hear Judas’ voice pulls me back to reality.
“I heard…” he squeezes my hand as tears roll down my cheek. “Everything will work out,” he whispers.
“K lets go,” I pack a few extra things including pictures of them.
My huge grand-father clock strikes twelve, the hottest part of the day; during summer yet it is still negative five degreases Fahrenheit. Judas starts rubbing my back.
My light purple skin flashes in the sunlight blowing back my dark purple hair.
“So, what now?” Nix glances in my direction.
“The subway,” I sigh as we jog the across the street to walk up steep steps leading to the hovering subway train.
A sound makes me jump it is, a crumpled piece of paper. Judas picked it up and his eyes got wide.
“Liby you better look at this.” He whispers as he hands it to me on the paper was:
Liberty Hyde

Killer/Criminal/ Fugitive

$100,000 if found

“What? I did none of this!” I gasp

“Come on.” Judas tugs on my hand. “Let’s go before…”
“There she is!” a grungy, green finger was pointed in my direction.
“That” Judas frowns and starts to run dragging me behind him.
I go to look behind me to see three large black men behind me aiming to shoot. Only one bullet gets out before I can zap them right in the Large S for Sovereign.
“Well, I guess we’re walking.” I sigh. Nix and I start running.
“I’ll hold them; you go,” He disappears around the corner. I can hear a sloshing, he must be using his infinity for water (mine’s electricity, and Nix’s earth). We run all the way to the edge of town. The people are wrapped up in there own world; they don’t even notice us and are staring to thin out.
“Do you think…?” I worry.
He’s one of the most powerful people on this planet,” she slumps down with a grim expression on her face. “You know, besides you.”
Judas huffs around the building.
“We’re good let’s keep going.”

The few people left we quickly maneuver through. The end of the road stops right in front of us, but up ahead is a bridge with many guards.

“I never noticed how many guards there are until now they are everywhere.” Nix whispers

“Yeah,” I say only loud enough for me to hear.

I can’t help, but glare at the guards, Judas grabs my hand. My anger keeps boiling up inside me.

“Ow, keep your shock back!” Judas stars to rub his hand as if that would erase the blisters.

“Sorry. Now how to get past the guards?” I look around we all have plastic shoes except for the guards which are metal.

“That’s it, don’t touch the ground.” I creep up

“What the…?”one of the guards starts to say, but then starts to shake and falls to the ground is a fit of spasms. I bring my hand down to my side exhausted from the power of the shock that will probably keep them down for a couple days. Nix, Judas and I glide past them only pausing for a second when we hear a booming voice say “Stop! The police are on their way,” which of course and makes us run faster. We run and run until we can’t run anymore.
The thick forest around us is like a maze everywhere looks exactly the same. We are deep into the woods, I can only see a small amount of sun seeping through the thick canopy of trees.
A couple bird fly by, Mourning birds. Mourning birds are small black birds with clear beaks their eyes are dark; the white iris and black eyeball darts around looking for anything suspicious. These birds are my favorite. They are one of the only animals that mate for life; If one of the birds die the other will quite eating die to be with the other bird.
A pair of Mourning birds darts down barely missing Judas, while the other one positions it’s sharp beak to where it creates a large gash in the side of his arm.
“Ah!” Judas puts his hand over the wound trying to keep the blood out, but it just keeps gushing out. I tear a piece of cloth out of my bag and press it up against stopping some of the blood.
Judas keeps getting paler, so I rap his arm around my neck and half drag him over.
“Nix, go get those leaves over there.” I point to the bluish, green leaves witch I have used many times to heal animals in experiments.
Nix presses the leaves on his gooey cut. At first it starts to sizzle and Judas starts to pull back, but then the leaves start kick in. The bleeding has already slowed and it starts to heal.
“I’ll keep watch, you go to sleep.” I curl up next to Judas and we drift off to sleep.

Chapter 2
That night I had a dream that my parents came back from the dead and came to see my new baby, a human from earth, but they were in Sovereign Uniforms. Judas came in behind them looking disappointed.
“That thing needs to go to the government for experiments, later you both will be executed, you are no longer human.” I start to cry.
I wake up screaming, tears stream down my face.
“Libby! Libby! Libby! Wake up it’s just a dream.” Judas pulls me in for a hug, I notice his wound has healed.
“Guys, we better start going,” Nix points over to an army of guards.
Judas starts running towards a clearing wear a pond sits. The water starts to bubble up and rush over past us creating a huge wall that comes crashing down on the guards. The water around Judas and Nix disappears. I let all the electricity I could conduct. They start shaking and fall to the ground lifeless in the water. I turn around to find Judas and Nix, to run straight into a hideous creature the size of a bear. It had huge red eyes; its huge paws scrape the ground. Its leathery skin crinkled at every move. Its huge paws claw at the ground. It does a strange mix between a growl and a hiss, and then it charges. That’s when the creature’s razor sharp teeth dig into my stomach and everything goes black.
Chapter 3
I must have been out for days because we were in an old shack; the closest place to hide was the woods. All I hear is a faint whisper.
“No, no can’t walk, now, k” Judas must be talking to Nix.
Judas storms in pacing, but still has not realized I’m awake. I attempt to sit up, failing.
“Honey, your pretty messed up, don’t do anything too risky” He kisses me on the lips, leaving me dizzy “That thing poisoned you. You have to be careful, or you could become paralyzed in your lower half.” That leaves me breathless.

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