My Darling Son

November 13, 2012
By , Edgewood, NM
It was like a movie, a foggy forest and eerie moonlight. I was looking for something, I didn’t know what, but it felt important. Like my life depended on it. I walked through the shadows, feeling like I was in a horror movie and waiting for the scary thing to pop out at me. It didn’t happen, but I did feel like something was following me. I didn’t turn around, because in the movies, you turn around, your dead. I just kept walking, hoping I’d find what I was looking for. The fog was rising and I was still wandering aimlessly through the thick trees which seemed oddly familiar. My follower made more noise than usual as the fog got thicker, knowing I’d never locate it. It didn’t feel like it belonged here, like it was from somewhere else. I didn’t want to think of the many things it could be and focused on the branches breaking in front of me. I wasn’t scared as any one else would have been. You have to keep calm in these situations. I didn’t call to see who, or what, was there. I stopped dead in my tracks and held my breath to listen. I thought I heard something faintly laugh, as if it was amused by its hunt of me. It sounded deep and coarse, male. But it didn’t sound like a human; no man could have a voice that deep. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, he was standing right behind me. In a way, I could feel his energy, scorching hot, anger, hate, and torture. I felt all these at once and started to feel light headed. I was getting dizzy in a foreign place with something behind me, I couldn’t! But I did. I felt two red hot hands catch me, and the darkness consumed me.
I woke up later; I don’t know how long I was out. My surroundings changed drastically. Instead of an endless foggy forest, I was now in a dry cave that seemed roofless, because I could not see the top. At least that’s what it looked like. But I was drawn away from my surroundings change, to my own. I wasn’t in my old clothes; I was now wearing a pearl white dress that looked aged but not damaged. I thought this was going towards demonic. Movies with girls in white signify virgin sacrifice. I didn’t want to be slit open and let my blood be spilled for some deity, so I looked for a way out. There was a dim light at one end, so I headed towards it. The light was fire; a pit in the floor contained it. On the other side of the flames, was a table, obviously set for two. I had no intention of sharing a meal with something that wanted to kill me. I passed the fire pit when I heard a snarl to my right. Like a fool, I slowly turned my head to see a shape in the shadow of the entrance of the cave. It stepped into the firelight, and I saw it for what it was. His whole body was red, but had quit different features; the torso of a man, hooves like a bull, and a head like nothing that could be described. It was odd that I was taking in such details, but I didn’t feel threatened at the moment, and something about his figure was appealing to me. He obviously didn’t show fear of me as he passed me to sit at the table. I had to buy myself some time so I could make a plan, so I followed and sat at the opposite end of the table that wasn’t long enough. He eyed me with a stare that tried to read me. I kept my composure, no talking, no eating, and no drinking. I stared back at him with my own questions, seeing if he would give any answers freely. I am what you’re looking for. His voice was so deep, so clear, but somehow mutated. It was welcoming, that made me afraid of what this creature was doing to me. Hypnotizing me? Maybe. I tried to keep my mind clear, but I couldn’t get his voice out of my head, I am what you’re looking for. The weight of his words pressed on my heart and I felt like something was ripped out of me, like he was the one who neglected me, and the one who would make me whole again. He stood up from his chair and came to my side to lift me out of mine. Once again I felt those red hot hands on my skin, and I felt... good, like I had something to look forward to. He took my hand and led me to the fire. He looked deep into the flames, as if trying to seek something there. I turned my attention to the flickering light as well, searching for the answer I was seeking, what will become of me? I was so lost in thought, my mind jolted back to reality when the light was dim, almost out. I turned to the creature, hoping to have answers. What I saw was the same thing, only different. This man/creature was no longer solid, but airy. Like a spirit or a ghost. His eyes glowed with blood red color and his mouth... a blackened abyss of turmoil. As he grew and grew, wiping out the littlest bit of light left from the fire, he consumed the cave with his presence. He looked upon me with those eyes... hungry, angry, longing to feed upon the one that created him. As he came down upon me, consuming my body in agonizing cruelty, I remembered who he was, and who I was. For him to so bravely try to save himself, and me from the painful truth, it was truly heartwarming. I opened my eyes to revile them to the darkness, burning it with the pureness of my power. He slowly released me from the binds that wouldn’t hold me for long, and rested on a rock in the cave. All the energy he used to manifest himself was almost worn out. It was his only energy source, he was dying. I sat next to him, laying his head in my lap, looking into the eyes that captivated me. You knew it would end this way, yet you try and try again with this endless quest to end me. But you can never destroy me, I created you Marius. No matter how hard you try, no matter how long you wait, you will NEVER be as strong as I am. I love you for trying though. I knew I chose you for a reason. Maybe when I get tired of this game, I will let you take me, but not now. You still have much to learn, and I'm not leaving until you’re ready to face your father. Until then, get stronger my love. With those words, I pressed my lips to his, and looked into his eyes as I sucked the life out of him, again.

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