A Dragon's Take

November 12, 2012
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A Dragon’s Tale
The game today is Alzeth, a large black dragon. His leathery, scarred wings uprooted trees as they bet. His flames devoured all the oxygen from the air. The blazing fireball could melt all but gold, which his castle was made out of. His scales, hard as diamonds. His eyes, as red as blood. It is said that his eyes grow redder after each human he has slain.
The warehouse was filled with an assortment of weapons and tools for hunting. There were spears, swords, and katana propped up against a wall. There was a rusted, battered, red battering ram with four wheels. A rainbow shield sat on the floor, its variety of colours glistened, brightening the room. A great stallion stood ready for the charge, with its shining mane that had taken many blows from sharp blades. A bony saber claw lay upon a long slender steel rod warehouse dripping with an unknown liquid.

Sea took his thunder blade; a thick black tube of energy; it had the ability to shoot mighty beams of lightning that could pass through solid gold. Dex snatched his taming pole, a thin silver rod that smoothly cut game in many pieces. Many creatures were etched on it, each shredded by his taming pole. Sea’s armour was solid black with gold trimming. His helmet covered his dark hair with a golden plume. Dex’s armour metallic silver with sapphire coving the joints. With their weapons in hand, they are ready to hunt. They had until sunset to complete their quest.
“Are you sure we allowed to go over the fence?” Sea whispered hesitantly. They crossed the jagged white fence that separated Alzeth’s kingdom from the rest. The fence’s wood split apart as they crawled up. They climbed the rocky mountainside, tearing their leather bound gloves. They swam across the river against the vicious current, plugging their ears, stopping the sirens call. They passed many mermaids calling out but they were prepared to capture Alzeth with no distractions. Swinging across the metal ropes of the serpent filled swap. Sliding down the smooth mountain side, they reached their destination.
The sky turned a sickly grey tint as they walked into the lair of the beast. Sea flipped a switch on his thunder blade, it started to glow, brighter and stronger with each passing seconds. As he did, twenty blue and green dragons surrounded them. Their scales shined bright, reading the flames. They took flight around Dex and Sea, teasing them with their flames. Dex pulled out his taming pole, leaped high in the air and pounced on a blue dragon crushing its scaly neck to the ground. As he did, two dragons broke out of the circle formation and nose-dived at Dex. He leaped up one more time and chuckled as they crashed into the ground. He broke his taming pole in half revealing that it was actually two poles chained together. He grabbed a dragon with the chain, around the dragon’s neck, twisted the chain around like a collar, and shoved the two halves into the heads of the two dragons that attempted to nosedive Dex. Now four dragons lay dead. Three of which were rung up in Dex’s Taming pole.
Alzeth had had enough. He came out of his solid gold castle roaring with an anger only loss can create. He aimed his flame at Sea. He unleashed his flame, Sea grabbed Dex’s taming pole from the ground, cleaned off the dragons, put it back together, grabbed another green dragon using Dex’s taming pole from the circling herd and used it to block Alzeth’s fire blast and Sea floated to the ground along with the ashes of the thrown dragon. His thunder blade was ready for the kill shot. Sea aimed his thunder blade up. The light beam was visible from miles away. The beam of energy blasted its way toward Alzeth, tearing a wide hole through his right leg. He chuckled at his scratch. All hope was lost, the charge beam had failed. Then, the golden castle walls behind Alzeth fell on top of him. The lightning beam had passed through his leg and through the gold tower. The heavy gold rumble tumbled down crushing Alzeth with its large serrated edges bringing Alzeth to the ground. Seeing their leader and father fall in the hands of Dex and Sea, the other dragons scattered out of fear. Dex and Sea dragged their trophy home, the head of the Great Alzeth.

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