I am the future

November 10, 2012
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It was one of the last forests in the world, and I had the priviledge to see it. It was thick with pine trees and the flowers embedded the ground. This beauty was yet only a mask to hide the terror inside. Soon the quiet crackling of the leaves under my feet became the cracking of the bones of old corpses. No one dared enter for many years after, most of the wolves would have been dead from starvation, they plunged their vicious teeth in too many victims, too fast. I could see some of their bodies still there, their teeth still stained with the blood of innocent explorers. There were rumors on what was on the other side. Devices that could save us.

I started my way, I wouldn't turn back, even if my doubts grew larger than my mind. The trees whispered, "Come, we won't hurt you, come, come." I felt haunted already. It all seemed so serene, odly serene. I walked almost three miles on the twisting paths and staggered trees. I set up up my camp, and sang myself to sleep, I had to reassure myself, there was no other way.

When I woke up the following morning, I felt that I was being watched, followed. I felt like the pray of a hawk. I heard rustling in the trees. I closed my eyes and told myself that I was paranoid. When I opened them, there was a wolf standing in front of me. It looked as if it was dying of starvation. It was only skin and bone. It stared at me longingly, determined for food. It was too late. It knew what it wanted. Then the silence turned to a scream. The still wolf wanted its pray and attacked. I couldn't bear a chance against such a vicious creature. I tried to run, but it caught my leg with its treaturous teeth. Blood was gushing out. I threw the wolf with all my strength into a tree. It wouldn't stop, it was coming straight for me. I noticed the old bones of a dead human underneath my hand, smoth out of the crunchy leaves. I Cracked it. Held it up and closed my eyes. A howl, then silence. My hands felt soaked so I opened my eyes to see that the bone was plunged in its chest. It was finally over. I stood up, but fell straight back down. My leg, it wouldn't budge.

I couldn't move my leg. It was too weak. I knew I had the medicine, but that would mean that I wouldn't be able to continue my journey. If I stayed, I would probably run out of food and water. If I continued my cut would get worse. I looked at my leg. It was difficult to see the teeth marks from all of the blood that was covering it. The blood was leaving a trail on my leg. I had to breathe in and out quickly and repetitively. I was going crazy from the pain. I tried to wrap up my leg, and I kept it elevated. I just couldn't stay awake, so much blood was lost. I simply fainted.

When I finally woke up, I knew what I had to do. I had to continue. I dragged my leg behind me. The pressure was so painful. I crawled, used all of the power in my arms. It was so very tiring, compared to my previous mode of transportation. I was determined to get through, but the farther I got, the more doubts haunted me. Maybe there was no end. Maybe I went through for nothing, it felt like meter I covered, the forest would gain two, it was infinite. For days I crawled. It felt like time to give up. I was just another person to be devoured by the forest, forgotten by my friends. I was from that moment that I entered the forest, nothing. I continued though, I had no other choice.

And then the twisting paths stopped, the trees ended. And in front of me I saw white giants. Spinning in the wind. I heard about them in old books. They used to be used to make electricity. That was before Klosidius stook over, in the war of 2060. He wanted to use nuclear power and burn fossil fuels. He didn't want to use too much money. This plan turned on him though. All of the nuclear plants had terrible accidents; explosions, leakages, and so many other disasters. We also ran out of fossil fuels. He was so determined to proove he was right that he continued to ban the renewable resources. He destroyed all the factories, these wind turbines were the only things he didn't destroy, he made this forest around them for all of the people against him to die a painful death in which they will be forgotten. He wanted to teach them a lesson. I wanted to save the world. We lived 40 years without electricity. We were moving backwards. I found them though, I found what could help us. I made it through the forest. I was suddenly governed by hope. And now, I am the saviour leading the rebellion. I am the future.

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