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The Sound Of Chaos

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The Sound of Chaos

I awoke to the sound of a hammering noise and rose out of bed. As I trotted my way to the bathroom I peeked out the window and gasped at what I saw. 3pigs! 3pigs, with hammers and nails building a house, one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks. I whispered to myself, “Oh Alayna, the joy of neighbors.” I moved into the country for a reason! I love having company over, but to me, neighbors are like a roommate that never goes away. I walked into the bathroom and gasped at the sight of my tangled alpaca fur. I finished brushing my coat and got some hay to eat when all of a sudden I heard the doorbell.

“Pardon me,” said the pig with glasses, “My name is Hailey and these are my sisters, Katie the youngest, and my below average twin sister Bailey.”

Just as I was about to speak my best friend Lindsay came hopping to the door.

“Greetings kangaroo! May I ask your name?” said Hailey.

“Hey,” Lindsay said, “And, uh yeah, it’s Lindsay.”

“Don’t worry Lindsay, they were just leaving. By the way I’m Alayna. Bye.” I said.

“It’s nice to meet you Lindsay and Alayna. I’m Katie and this is Hailey and Bailey,” Katie said as she slowly backed away, “You’re right, we better start heading out and continue working on our houses before it gets too late. We have to stay in a hotel till there finished. Bye!”

I closed the door and the pigs headed back to their unfinished houses. Lindsay turned towards me with wide eyes and seemed to be waiting for an explanation.

“All I know is they just moved here and are building their own houses. Hailey and Bailey are twins. Katie is the youngest,” I said.

“How do you tell them apart?” asked Lindsay.

“Bailey has a freckle on her snout.”

“Well all I can say is they better not ruin one of our parties!”

Later that evening Lindsay and I made a list of animals, called them, and put together a snack table in lickety-split! 30 minutes later everyone had arrived. We had pin-the-tail on the wolf in the living room and “Would You Rather?”in the dining room. We set out pretzels, potato chips, and punch in the kitchen. It was almost my turn to take a stab at getting the tail on the wolf when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I said to myself.

I walked over and answered the door and to my surprise I see Katie, Bailey, and Hailey.

“I thought you guys were supposed to be staying in a hotel,” I said with a shocked tone.

“We was but it ain’t close ‘nough,” said Bailey.
It took me a second to process what Bailey had just said. They were supposed to stay in a hotel but from what I could remember the nearest hotel was 50 minutes away. I had a feeling of what was to come next.

“Well I must get back to my party. Goodbye.” I began to shut the door when it was abruptly stopped by a hoof.

“What she’s trying to say is we need a place to stay until we can finish our houses. We were wondering if you could do us a favor by letting us stay until our houses are done. We wouldn’t be a bother to your small get-together.” Katie said.

“Ohhh… Um, that’s fine.” I said hesitantly.

“Oh why thank you for your kind gesture.” Hailey said.

They stomped and snorted their way into my house. They hadn’t realized the extreme awesomeness and size of my “small get-together”. All of a sudden I hear,

“Oh, what a horrid situation! OUUTT!”


“This ain’t yall’s house! Get out yonddeerrrr!!”

Obviously that was from Bailey. A sudden stampede of animals made their way past me and out the door. Even the Turtle family hurried their way out. I shook my head and rested my hoof on my forehead. What a disaster! Lindsay gave me a disapproving wave and headed out the door. I sluggishly showed the pigs the guest bedroom and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up around 9:00 a.m. and went downstairs to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. Once again, I heard the sounds of hammers. I sighed and went to the fridge to get milk but, it was all gone! So I decided to eat the cereal dry but when I opened the box and tipped it over the bowl, nothing! It was empty as well!

I exited out my front door and went to Katie’s almost complete house. She seems the most normal of the three. Hailey is slightly obnoxious and Bailey is unique in her own way.

“Katie, do you know why my food is empty?” I asked.

“Well we got up this morning to eat and we saw you had no slop, so cereal was our second choice.” she said.

I left and decided to settle on my usual hay and oats. As I went to brush the molasses out of my teeth, I saw a strange figure at the edge of the woods and I decided to investigate. I waited till it got farther away until I started my exploration. The figure started to make a circle around the edges of the property. There is a circle of flat, treeless land where our houses sit. There’s one road leading in and only one way out. The outline of the flat land is rows of trees.

I went out my backdoor and snuck past my garden. I then galloped to the first outline of trees. I slowly crept my way in the direction of the strange figure. I started to pick up on a strange scent. I’d never smelt this kind of odor before and it was slightly alarming. It smelt like pine trees, meat, hair, and one other strong stench I just couldn’t place.

I got as close as I could without being seen or smelled. The figure started to become clearer, when I realized what the large beast was. The long claws and menacing snarl sent a chill of terror through my bones. I spun around on my hooves and galloped away as fast as I could, without even hesitating to look back. All I could think about was what could have happened if I had been seen.

“If that possum had caught me I would have been dead!”

I suddenly heard fast footsteps behind me. I sprint faster. I ever so slightly turned my head to see the beast chasing me down. As I was turning my head around to the front I tripped on a branch and stumbled forward onto the cold, dark, forest ground. Fear rushed through my body and before I can get up, the possum catches up and jumps on top of me, pinning my hooves down.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves dinner tonight.” he said.

“Before you eat me I just want you to know that I am not that tasty. I haven’t showered in a while and I have a skin disease that…” I was abruptly cut off by a dark thunderous voice that seemed to echo for miles.

“Lenny, it is not her we want, it’s them,” said the wolf slowly approaching us. He motioned towards the pigs with his large, boulder-like head. Lenny, the possum, got off of me. I slowly stood up, still in shock of what had happened.

“Go. Go and don’t come back or speak of this to anyone. If our meals slip out of our grasp because of your big mouth, you’ll be next.”

I turned around and ran to my house and slammed the door behind me. I immediately called Lindsay and told her to rush over. She arrived and I told her the whole story.

“… Then they let me go. I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life!”

“Why do they want the pigs?” she asked.

“Their next meal.” I shuddered at the thought of those pigs being taken and eaten. Even if they do push my buttons.

Soon after Lindsay left. I didn’t know whether to warn them or keep quiet. Now that their houses are done, they are staying out here. I just hoped for the best and laid down hoping that today’s events would not be carried into memory the next morning.

The next day, the memory did not vanish. It seemed to be etched into my brain, unable to be forgotten. I stayed inside all day. I would peer outside the windows ever so often, only to find the two figures stalking their pray, planning their attack.

Days passed and I remained indoors. I was afraid of what would happen next. I got very worried, anxious calls from Lindsay because she had not heard from me for several days. I reassured her that I was okay and I only had a lot on my mind. The painful jab of words from the possum’s mouth coursed through my brain daily.

“I could have been their dinner.”

I heard faint screams outside my window one morning. The sound alarmed me and I rushed to my window. I relaxed when I found out that the scream had come from Bailey getting a water balloon in the face. My eyes wandered into the distance and yet again I saw the two figures. I hurriedly closed the curtains and decided to turn in early for bed.

I decided the next day that I wouldn’t let paranoia control my life. I made up my mind that I would conquer my fear by sitting on the front porch. I made a cup of hot molasses with sugar cubes and sat in my rocking chair. I looked at the figures in the back and stared them straight in the eye, to let them know that I wasn’t afraid (or at least I wouldn’t show it). Then something strange happened. The larger figure darted out of the forest and ran to Bailey’s straw house.

He said, “Let me in. Let me in little pig or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

“Not by these here hairs on this here chinny-chin-chin!” said Bailey.

So the wolf sucked in air and he did huff and puff and blow that house down. Straw went flying and my fur blew back even though I was far away. Bailey just stood there scared and stunned. The wolf walked right up to her and gulped her down in one big bite.

Next the wolf made his way to Katie’s house and he threatened her to.

“Let me in. Let me in little pig or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

Katie said, “Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!”

The wolf once again blew the stick house down and he pranced over, obviously satisfied with himself, and swallowed Katie whole. I just sat and watched with utter panic.

“This one’s for you Lenny!” the wolf yelled.

He made his way over to Hailey’s house and prepared himself to make his warning again.

“Let me in. Let me in little pig or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

“Not by the whiskers on my chin.”

The wolf sucked down his wind and prepared to blow. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I heard the sudden rush of air and I opened my eyes thinking I would witness my last neighbor and almost friend be murdered. But nothing happened. So he tried again. Still nothing! He tried one last time and his failure angered him. He climbed up onto the roof and set a branch ablaze and threw it down the chimney. Hailey was very clever though.

“Your fire went out halfway down! Seems like you’ll just have to come down the chimney to get me.”

That is what the wolf did. I heard a yelp and an “I’m on FIRE!” come from inside the house. The door swung open wide and the wolf came running out with a tail in flames.

That was the last we ever saw of the wolf. He and his wing man Lenny left, never to be heard of again. I learned an important lesson through all of this. No matter how annoyed or angered you get by people around you, learn to appreciate them and their talents because any day could be there last. I think I miss Bailey the most. I got “Not by these here hairs on this here chinny-chin-chin!” on a pillow in her honor. They may not be here in person but always in my memories.

The End

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