The Thing

November 5, 2012
By Venturer BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Venturer BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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No. That is all it said. Nothing else. It was really amazing actually, considering that about an hour ago all it could say was GRR. But no, the word still hung, suspended in my mind. I couldn’t have my brother back. That was that. I looked back cautiously at the body in the bed; the limp, ten-year-old body that I had yelled at for snoring too loud two hours ago. Now it seemed lifeless, not dead, but without a soul. The demon took it, growling all the way. I was paralyzed at the time. Just before it left, I found myself calling to the window at which it was exiting, “Why?”. It turned, and grunted, but it did not move. It was strangling the soul. I reached out my hand to it, and it told me no, just before throwing itself through the window and sprinting through the night. I turned back to my brother, but he was gone. Just then, a scream came from my mouth as I felt small hands wrap around my throat from behind. It yelled at me, cussing, jerking me back and forth. I tried turning, but it through me to the bedroom floor. I looked up and saw a face, one that used to be so precious, looking at me with glazed eyes. My heart stopped, and I blacked out, only to no escape. My dreams were haunted by it. That thing that had taken my brother and turned him into a demon. I was moving now. Stirring. I could see myself. When my eyes opened, they were white. I felt myself turn to my brother. And then I was carried through the window and into the night.

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