Halloween Part One

November 1, 2012
By FablehavenFan GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
FablehavenFan GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Halloween Part One

All Hallows Eve, Halloween, October 31 has many names. It can be a night of fun and candy. But there is a darker side to Halloween as well. And I know first-hand what it’s like. So I feel the need to warn you about it before you go off in the dark tonight.

I had just received a dare to knock on the door of the old Jameson mansion. It had been abandoned for years on account of the previous inhabitants. They had scrawled chalk marks and runes all over the floor.

“Mom,” I called “I’m going out!” I rushed out the door hoping she wouldn’t have time to bring it. But I was too late! She came bustling down the stairs holding an old-fashioned knight’s helmet. She had made me wear it every year on Halloween.

“David, wait!” She yelled “You almost forgot this!” She held out the old helmet. I took it from her not wanting to hurt her feelings. “Thanks Mom.” I said “Bye.” I walked down the driveway and started heading in the direction of the Jameson mansion. “Be safe.” My Mom said quietly from the doorway. If only she knew how unsafe things would get.

I walked for a few minutes before I reached the iron-barred gate that marked the entrance to the Jameson mansion. I pushed it open, hinges screeching noisily. A short dirt path led the way to the door. The house sat in silence, dark with cracked wood and peeling paint. I walked up to the door and banged the steel knocker. The door creaked open. I heard the floorboards creak from upstairs. “That’s odd.” I thought “The mansion should be empty.” Call it recklessness but I went inside.

All the furniture was coated in a thick layer of dust. Cobwebs hung like draped on the walls. I slowly walked up the stairs. About half way up I heard someone. “Vino unul mare. Vino la t?râmul vostru de r?u. Pe aceast? noapte, când luna de toamna este mare, iar stelele se alinieze s?-?i spun patra! Întoarce?i-v? la aceast? sfer? ?i licita?i comanda mea.” I could not understand what they were saying. More intrigued than ever I crawled up the rest of the steps and slowly walked down the hall.

One of the doors was ajar, with red light seeping through the bottom. I crept up and peered through the crack. A man knelt in front of a glowing red circle on the floor, surrounded by incomprehensible runes. The man’s back was towards me so I could not see his face. He repeatedly chanted the same words. The glow of the circle grew brighter, shedding sparks. When the chanting reached its climax the circle erupted in flames.

Out of it came something that looked like it was pulled straight from a nightmare. It was seven feet tall, covered with black scales and two wings folded against its back. It had glowing green eyes and fangs. “Great One!” Cried the man as he knelt before the creature.

“What is your command?” Asked the monster bending its head to look at the man. The man stood up and brushed off his clothes.

“I want you to destroy the last Knight.” He said “Mark Jameson!” But that didn't make any sense! The Jamesons had left this house years ago. “He is at the graveyard now. GO!” Said the man. And the monster vanished in a puff of black smoke. I stumble backwards the helmet slipping from my fingers. It banged against the floor, shattering the silence. “What!” Said the man “Whose there?”

I grabbed the helmet and raced down the stairs. I didn't hear the man give chase. I ran down the path and past the gate. I just knew I had to get away. After a while I stopped leaning against a wall. What had just happened? What was that thing? Who was that man? I looked around and saw I was near the cemetery. The man had told the monster to kill Mr. Jameson in there!

I raced across the street and looked over the area quickly. There were chipped tombstones and small bundles of flowers. I didn't see him anywhere. But then I spotted someone under a willow tree. I ran towards him looking around in case that monster thing was around. “Mr. Jameson! Mr. Jameson!” I called. He looked over at me befuddled.

“What are you talking about?” He asked “You need to get out of here before-” I was cut off by the appearance of the monster. “Before I arrive.” It finished.
End of Part 1...

The author's comments:
I will soon be posting part two. But I could use some ideas from your comments. So write some!

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