The Sleeping Princess

October 26, 2012
By Tamara Robertson BRONZE, Puyallup, WA, Washington
Tamara Robertson BRONZE, Puyallup, WA, Washington
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The Sleeping Princess

The morning rolled in like the night, ominous and bleak. The damp rain mocked the clock and drenched the streets. The rain wasn’t the only one that was mocking the clock, it was the king an queen’s tears that were dripping like droplets. For years they have prayed that some day they will show a beautiful daughter to everyone in the palace, but instead she was born ugly. Her name is Angelina. The banquet, which the King prepared, was canceled because of this horrid tragedy: a tormenting blast of grief mingled. Everyone in the palace was disappointed. Even though they didn’t like their daughter, they had to throw some kind of celebration on her birthday. So the important people of the palace would come and bring gifts for Angelina.

“The Great Griselda will be happy we invited her.” The queen said and the king agreed. Griselda, who is known to all, is a nice beautiful witch that kills only the ugly people. Everyone was excited to have the beautiful witch come. The king and queen had forgotten to invite Marquess Maria, and soon realized their mistake.

Twelve people came to Angelina’s birthday party, and all in a line, they passed out the gifts to Angelina.

“You will have a voice of a thousand angels.“ Said Lady Soprano.

“You will grow up to be extremely wise.” Exclaimed Archduke Ernest.

“You will have patience, kindness, happiness and sweetness.” Listed another guest.

There was a breath taking wind that blew inside the palace, and there stood Grazilda. Her beautiful, long, glossy, black hair twisted around her gorgeous body. She wore a long white dress with a ribbon at the waist. Her eyelashes were golden against the sunlight that was just now peaking it’s way through the window.

Then Grazilda charm fully spoke, “Angelina must have good health until her sixteenth birthday. And on that day, she must pass on by pricking her finger on a spindle.” The large throng of people cheered and sang happy songs because of the death sentence. Then, in a blink of time, Grazilda was gone, and the sunlight followed her because someone evil was coming.

That someone was the evil horrid Marquess Maria. Her teeth were yellow, her eyebrows grew bushy, her long nasty fingernails grew sharp, and she wore nothing but gray. The heavens cried, beat in thunder, and stroke the ground with light beams as she appeared. Everyone gasped.

“What a pity I wasn’t invited” Maria’s voice croaked, and her yellow teeth had shown as she continued, “Angelina will not die. She will sleep along with everyone in the palace until a prince comes and saves her. Then once she wakes up…a grand secrete will be revealed.” Maria’s eyes were so lackluster and threatening that everyone’s body began to bristle in a tremulous way.

Everyone felt their insides cringe into a small ball. This was the time the King and Queen wanted to be remote. The King had felt acid rise in his stomach, as though he was going to spew. The Queen was so dizzy that her body wanted to faint. Their heart was like a small replete realm of shattered beats. Broken and irreplaceable, forever in peaces. These voracious feelings are eminent and abounded, inerasable. The king’s expression was a gustiest, pattering, ting of a smug, indiscriminate glance. They stood there like dupes. Standing there frozen, their bodies repudiated their every command. The chagrin, laceration, steeped and completely filled with emotions twisted with in the black pit of their despair.

After16 years, the king had demanded to buy a 1,000,000 total spindles for the palace to see if Grazilda’s spell would work on Angelina’s birthday. All went well, like any other birthday. Angelina was very joyous and excited that she would finally turn 16. The people were not happy because they will be sleeping forever because they knew no one in the entire world would kiss such an ugly girl.

Time passed on, and after a filling meal, Princess Angelina decides to follow a trail of rose petals guiding her up the stairs that she has never gone up before. On her way to the top, she found a door that was cracked open. She peeked inside and someone was in there.

“I’m sorry I interrupted you.” Princess Angelina said as the woman spun some yarn.

“ That’s okay child. What an ugly, bizarre face you have. What’s your name?” The woman sprang out.

“My name is Angelina.” She answered.

“Forgive me princess! I didn’t know it was you!” The woman felt guilty.

“No matter, I won’t tell anyone. I can’t help stare at you. You’re so gorgeous and your dress is fabulous.” The princess walked foreword.

“Yes, come sit down and put your hand over here dear. I will show you how I make such pretty dresses.”

“You make those yourself?” asked the princess.

“Why, yes.” The lady had a suspicious smile on her face, and Angelina started to wonder. Her eyes were cold, black, and very evil. But before she could pull away the lady took her hand and pricked her finger on the spindle.

Instead of a cruel, long, and painful death, Angelina and the whole palace feel asleep. Maria’s spell worked after all, but what was the secrete that she was talking about?

Years went by and grass grew as tall as a person. Weeds grew as tall as trees, and thorn bushes grew as tall as mountains. Every prince, except for one, tried to rescue the sleeping princess from her dreams but all had failed.

Ever since the prince was born, he dreamt of a princess in the castle. She was a very kind woman, but very ugly. Time passed by, and he began to love this beautiful woman and her pretty voice. So, by the time he was sixteen years old, he began his search. He brought a sword, but didn’t know about the surroundings around the palace.

He lashed through the thick vines, the tall grass and weeds like he was slicing a piece of cake. Before he knew it, he was in the castle. Up, up, up the stairs he went.

There, laying on the soft looking bed, laid Princess Angelina. In his eyes she looked stunning. In one of the dreams he noticed the spell laid upon her and knew he had to kiss her dead frozen, black lips. Her face was pale and her body was wrinkly, but when he gently kissed her black lips...

She turned beautiful just like her heart. She gasped a long breath and her hair was shiny golden with locks. She had a beautiful figure, and her lips were stained a royal red. Her eyes sparkled a light blue like the sky. The sun came out and everyone woke up. They all saw how beautiful she was and cheered, but the princess did not.

She said in the most kindest voice, “This is the man who saw the true beauty in me, and for that I must give him a gift. My gift to him is that my soul will be with him for all eternity. Good bye my fellow mates.”

Princess Angelina and her prince loved each other, and had the most precious thing was- their hearts never died. They had a happy ending.

The author's comments:
This is a children's story.

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