Runaway Dinosaur

October 25, 2012
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Taylor walks her dog every day at five o’clock. It was about that time, so she put her dog on the leash and left. While walking, she stumbled upon a dirt road in her neighborhood. They started building new houses on the path she usually takes, so there was a lot of construction. After walking down the path for about ten minutes, she heard a baby crying. There was no one else around her so she had no idea where it could be coming from. She kept walking trying to ignore it, but the crying got louder and louder. There was a house being built that she could see in the distance. She had never noticed it before and was quite curious. She started heading toward the house, but stopped walking when she heard the baby’s cry again. She assumed that the cry was coming from that direction, because every step she took the cry got more high pitched and piercing. It turned into more of a screeching sound rather than a cry.

The house was a little intimidating once she got close to it. The front porch was small but there were ten steps leading up to it. Just to be safe, she let her dog off the leash to go ahead of her. Taylor followed the dog up the stairs and into the house. The inside was small and unfinished; you could tell from the instillation that covered the wooden paneled walls.

“RUFF RUFF” the dog consistently barked, this startled Taylor. She went over to see what Scruffy was barking at. It was hard to tell what the small object was, but when she got closer to it her eyes widened in astonishment. There was something there sitting on the floor right in front of her, it was the size of an average humans pinky and had a green, scaly texture. She had never seen or heard of a mini dinosaur. Without taking a second to think about what she just found she immediately put the mini dinosaur into her coat pocket, got her dog and ran home.

When she got home she let scruffy off the leash, walked right past her mother and father not saying a word and ran upstairs. She went into her room and locked her door. Taylor went to grab the dino, but when she put her hand in her pocket there was nothing there. Freaking out she searched every part of her room until she heard a noise “chomp chomp chomp”. Before she could say anything it was on her bed and ate half of her iPad. And of course, ever so conveniently her mom calls from downstairs “Taylor, honey can you bring down the iPad”

“Uhm, I don’t know where it is. Sorry Mom.” Taylor yelled down hesitantly. She had no idea where to start with this thing so she grabbed the dino and put it in a glass jar so it could not escape. Realizing it would be a good idea to know something about mini dinosaurs before she did something to it, she headed straight to her computer.

She needed to know what the heck this thing was, so she pulled up Google and took a look at the Dino. Examining its appearance, she typed everything she could to describe it. The weirdest thing happened when she hit the search button. Nothing but a blank, white page showed up. She had never seen anything like this, Google always had an answer. Oh well, she thought. “Dinners ready!” her mom yelled upstairs.

“Coming!” she yelled down. Before she went downstairs, she secured the jar where the dinosaur was and hid it under her bed.

“So what was the rush earlier? You ran straight upstairs without a word” her mom asked concerned.

“I have a crazy load of homework; my teacher just assigned a project.” Taylor came up with on the spot.

“Oh really, what it on?” her mom asked.

She didn’t know exactly what to say but the first thing on her mind, “Uhmmm, dinosaurs yeah dinosaurs. So mom this burgers really good,” Trying to change the conversation.

“Dinosaurs? And thank you, I tried a new seasoning this time.” She said proudly “And I switched to whole wheat buns, we could start eating healthier in this house.”

“Yeah dino-.” Taylor started to say while she was interrupted.


“Taylor, what the heck is going on?!” her mom screamed at her.

“I have no idea!” she said freaking out. They could hear helicopters surrounding their house and sirens all over. They both walked outside to see a crowd of CIA, FBI, SWAT team, National Guard, and the entire neighborhood. Before they could ask any questions, Secret Service grabbed both of them by the arm and pulled them up into the sky where air force one was waiting for them. At this time, they were face to face with the president of the United States. They were bombarded with questions concerning the mini dinosaur. “What is going on?” her mother asked again.

“Ma’am I’m going to need you to be quiet.” The Secret Service agent strictly told her.
“What was the reason for this Google search?” the President said as he showed Taylor a printed out version of her Google search. “No one is supposed to know about miniature dinosaurs”, he continued, “I am going to need you to tell me the truth and in return, no one will get hurt.”

“What dinosaur?” she asked suspiciously.

The President gave her a stern look and said, “Don’t play with us Taylor, we have cameras on every computer and no one has ever searched what you did. It is on our alert system. Now I’m going to need you to tell me why you searched this.”

Taylors mom looked at her like she was crazy, “I just really don’t understand what happening, miniature dinosaurs?”

“Bzzzz” The Secret Service agent shot her with a taser gun and she fell to the floor, “I told her not to talk” he said sternly.

“Oh my goodness, why would you do that?!” she questioned the agent.

“You’re next if you don’t start talking” he snapped at her.

“Okay fine, I was walking my dog and came upon it. I wasn’t going leave it there, so I brought it home and it ate my iPad.”

“Where is it now?” Mr. President demanded.

“Under my bed” she said, “but why do you need it so bad?”

“It’s a top secret investigation the government is working on. You cannot tell anyone about this, but not to worry because in five seconds your memory of today will be erased.” Said the President.

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