A Tale of Two Sisters

October 24, 2012
By thespian13ona SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
thespian13ona SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
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The day was bright, but not too bright. Judging by the overall lack of enthusiasm in the air, it was undeniably that hellish time. It was a Monday. Ivy strutted down the street, purposefully late for yet another appointment. She rolled her eyes at the vibration in her pocket, alerting her of just about the 10th text she received in the last three minutes. As her destination neared, Ivy stopped and deliberately ran her fingers through her fiery red mane. Not failing to notice the hungry stares of the helpless men as they stumbled by her and were left as putty in her wake.

She sighed and shivered at the cold, lifeless feeling of the metal handle of the door. Her gaze drifted to left where a seemingly innocent placard read in script Lord Reita Suzuki. Knowing that she could not delay her arrival any longer, Ivy reluctantly pushed the door open and slinked in, closing the door behind her. Mere seconds later she was thrown up against the door she had entered by an unseen force. Though she knew better than to think that this was a haunting ghost, oh no, this was a being much worse.
“Hello, Ivy,” came the same taunting voice that had constantly tormented her as a child, “late again I see” Phoenix uttered with malice lacing each word.
A shiver ran the length of Ivy’s spine as Phoenix’s telekinetic force tightened around her ribcage.
“It’s lovely to see u too, sister” Ivy drawled in a sarcastic, sugarcoated tone in order to hide her fear.
Phoenix’s eyes flared a darker shade of red as she dropped Ivy and smirked as she hit the ground.
“You are no sister of mine. You are no more than the pitiful adopted thing my parents took in.” She said with a manic giggle.
Ivy coughed and heaved a breath to regain her voice. Without thinking she retaliated and said,
“Strange because they always loved me more than you.” Ivy muttered rather loudly, a mirroring smirk on her lips.
A single resounding smack echoed in the empty foyer. Ivy nursed her cheek where phoenix’s gloved hand had struck.
“Don’t test me.” Phoenix screeched, her eyes tingeing a darker shade of red.

Graceful footfalls alerted both women of their approaching master. Phoenix and Ivy stumbled into place as Lord Suzuki descended the grand staircase. When he came into view both of them bowed in sync. The immortal Lord was pleased with their constant obedience to his demands. He had absolute control over them because of a debt promised by their parents. The Lord had taken in the family as servants in his large manor and in return they had to pay a debt consisting of the constant servitude of both daughters.
“You both look very beautiful this fine morning. I remember when you were so young and innocent.” His mellifluous voice complimented as the women straightened themselves.
Ivy glanced at her sister and noticed a slight pink tinge her cheeks as the master smiled at her. A plan sprouted in her mind as she excused herself to get changed into the outfit their lord required them to wear. She shuffled into the familiar small room in a corridor to the left of the foyer. She quickly changed into the simple white blouse, vest, mid-thigh skirt, and white stockings the lord chose for the pair of sisters to wear.
Ivy then thought more deeply on her plan to take a long delayed revenge on Phoenix. Ivy wanted to hurt Phoenix, even if only a little, for all the pain and fear she inflicted. With a plan firmly set in her mind, Ivy slinked up the stairs to the Lord’s bedroom. She crept into his room and was startled when his alluring voice called out,
“And to what do I owe this sudden?” the Lord asked as he lounged on his bed, bass in hand.
Ivy took a moment to calm her fluttering heart and sweetly responded, “I simply wanted to be in your presence milord.”

The lord cocked his eyebrow as he locked eyes with Ivy and beckoned her closer. Ivy slowly inched forward and started to release her pheromones in the air. Within seconds the effect reached her master and a look of utter obedience and lust befell his face. At this point she confidently halted and extended one finger forward to beckon him to her. Ivy then summoned some of her most potent toxin to her lips. The lord drew close and was but a hairsbreadth away from Ivy’s parted full lips.
“I’m sorry.” Ivy whispered before planting her lips on the lord’s lustful pair.

Just then a clatter made Ivy jump and just as she planned there stood Phoenix with the lord’s afternoon tea now scattered on the stone floor. Phoenix’s eyes grew sad then darkened to black as an almost audible snap sounded. The lord fell to the ground, overcome by Ivy’s toxin laced lips.
“You selfish, filthy, little w****.” Phoenix shouted and knocked Ivy from her feet and to the balcony doors of the lord’s bedroom with a simple flick of the wrist.
Phoenix bent down to check her only loves pulse and nearly whimpered at the sight before her eyes. The Lord had turned a sickly green color and the whites of his eyes were tinged minty green as well. He was gone. The only person that showed her affection, even with her unpredictable temper, was gone. Meanwhile, Ivy managed to open the balcony doors to the immense and dense garden one story below. She stood up and steeled herself for the undeniable attack that was sure to follow. Ivy watched the muscles in Phoenix’s body tense as she slowly stood up and swiveled towards her. Ivy’s gave was riveted to the dark black eyes on Phoenix’s face with blood red veins surrounding them.

At that moment Ivy knew that this was a new Phoenix, one that she never saw before. She had turned her into a thing much darker with a blackened heart and soul. She immediately summoned her most deadly toxins to the surface of her skin and used the great vines that grew along the manor to bind Phoenix were she now hovered 10 feet away. She tightened the vines constricting Phoenix’s breath and nearly broke her bones. Ivy wanted to return all the abuse she had received from Phoenix sevenfold.

Suddenly all the vines went up in flames and fell away from Phoenix blackened. Phoenix’s lips twitched into a devilish smile as she slowly stalked towards Ivy. Ivy tried to calm her hammering heart with a deep breath and released her pheromones in the air once again. To her surprise the lord’s body rose up behind Phoenix, just as she was slammed into the ceiling and mercilessly dropped. Before she hit the ground Ivy managed to summon the vines to catch her and place her on the ground with a now swelling wrist where she had tried to brace herself before hitting the ceiling.

She looked up from her spot on the floor and saw the lord jump onto Phoenix’s back. Phoenix was caught off guard and a fresh look of pain rolled across her face upon seeing the man on her back, but it was completely gone the next second only leaving eyes full of bloodlust. Ivy took this chance to wrap her swollen wrist in vines as she stood up and mustered all the toxins she could and spit directly at Phoenix’s face.

Though she was caught off guard when she was met with a wall of fire. Her spit dissipated into the fire completely useless. As the fire fell, Ivy saw the look of pure insanity on Phoenix’s face. Ivy’s face drained of all color and she tried to summon the vines to protect her. But it was too late. Phoenix summoned a fire from deep within and it rose up from her throat in the form of a fiery phoenix, consuming the entire room in flames. Once the fire had died down Phoenix smiled at the blackened form lying in front of her. Then she turned and stopped dead in her tracks. The sight of her loved one burned an angry splotchy red made the remnants of her heart succumb to the darkness. This was truly the beginning of the reign of Dark Phoenix.

The author's comments:
A short piece I wrote in High School involving a battle between two supernatural beings.In this case Poison Ivy and Pheonix.

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