Finding The Alpha

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Finding the Alpha

Looking through my semi-clean farm house, I found that I couldn’t find Allison. I look through all 18 rooms of the house and come up empty handed, and since we haven’t mated, I can’t talk to her through the mind link. I can feel her emotions though, and right now, she’s scared. When I find her scent, outside of the house near the road, I begin to follow it. Please let Allison be okay.

Her scent trail leads me all the way through the town for ten minutes, then straight into the woods. Something was wrong, something was following her; a Vampire, by the smell of the scent trailing Allison. Our Alpha’s in trouble. She’s in the woods being followed by a Vamp. I’m trailing her scent now. Follow and help. I said this through the pack mind link, knowing they would come.

I quickly rip my black t-shirt over my head, then shove my pants off, kicking off my Etnies in the process and start the shift. My bones begin contorting, I drop to all fours as paws replace my hands and fur takes the place of my skin. I dart through the woods as my big brown wolf. My senses heightened, Allison’s sweet honey doo scent stronger, and so is the rancid smell of the vampire chasing her. The rancid smell of the vamp takes me back to the last time I encountered that scent; the time where I nearly lost my life fighting it off. I need to find Allison: now. If I don’t find her fast, he would catch her. I don’t even want to think about what he would do to her once he had her. Right now she was probably in her human form, so she’s a lot slower than she would be if she were in her wolf form, and she’ll be tired soon, if not already.

The scent trail I’m following gets stronger the deeper into the woods I go, which means that I was getting closer to them. I break through a clearing, and find the Vampire starting to close in on Allison. My eyes zero in on the vampire chasing my mate. I quicken my pace, my legs stretching as far as they could go, my paws hitting the ground with a loud pound. When I reach the threat I tackle him before he could harm my mate. Sweet coppery blood fills my mouth as I bite into the vampire’s jugular. He begins fighting me, trying to shake me off, but my strong jaw was locked around his throat. His cold hand grips my throat and throws me off of him. I skid across the ground and hit I huge tree.

The Vamp stands up and begins coming towards me with a vicious look on his face. When he is a few feet away from me Allison’s huge gray wolf jumps in front of me, finally having enough time to shift, given my distraction. She snarls, baring her long sharp canines at the Vampire, who just starts laughing, until I stand up from my position on the ground behind Allison. I slowly start advancing on him.

When he tries to run Allison leaps in front of him so we are on both sides of him. Unless he could fly, there was no where he could go, we have him trapped. A few minutes later, we still have him trapped, but the cavalry has arrived. Six of our best fighting wolves brake through the tree line and into the clearing, and surround the Vamp.

They all shift back into their human forms and put cloves on so that they could bind the Vampire in silver and take him to the house so we could figure out why he was chasing our Alpha. The packs fighters begin heading back to the house with the Vampire, while I stay behind with Allison to make sure she is okay.

We could shift back into our human forms since the threat to Allison is now gone. I could now relax; I found and saved my mate, my Alpha, my Allison.

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