YEAR 2103

October 22, 2012
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The United States has fallen. It has collapsed into chaos, a resistance has emerged to get new recruits to protect and lead. No one has tried to invade yet. The Koreans have taken over all of Russia and China, Korea is the main country trying to gain more and more land and power. Cuba is their only ally, but they have successfully taken over all of South America. No one is our ally, the country is in a state of turmoil, and we have no hope. We stand alone.

I woke up one morning in April to a rumbling noise. The ground started to shake. I grabbed my M17 and ran through the catacombs. I met up with General Gray.
“Earthquake?” He asked loudly.
“No way, this ground is stable.” I responded. Weirdly the rumbling stopped, and then alarms and warning lights went off.
“Breech, Breech, Breech.” The alarm sounded. General Gray and I looked at each other confused.
“What.” Gray said.
“Get the troops gathered up in the missile chamber.” I ordered him. I ran back through the catacombs to find the source and I found a dent in the wall but the dent was from the outside in. I kept on going not thinking much of it. I took the elevator up to fist floor and the used the stairs to reach ground level. Ground level was still under ground, but there is a door leading to a lookout tower. I went up there and looked through my binoculars and found that there was a raised line running all the way until you couldn’t see it any more. It was like how a mole buries through the ground.
“Will” said General Gray through the radio. I turned around startled.
“What” I snapped.
“The troops are in the Missile Chamber.” He told me.
“Good, now I want you to send a scout team and check out those ground raisings.”
“But, Sir….”
“Do it.” I demanded, yelling into the radio.
“Yes Sir, right away.” He said scornfully. As I went back down to the Missile Chamber to debrief the troops I found that same dent in the wall, but this time there was a hole in the end. I looked at the hole and when I looked straight at it, there was a tunnel. The tunnel ran all the into the dark.
“Mace” I said over the radio. There was a long pause. “Mace” I said again.
“Sorry Sir, I was working on the hologram for your watch” he said.
“Is there any unmarked bodies in the facility” I asked him. There was a long silence, I presume because he was checking.
“No Sir, but there is a lot of seismic activity to the East. There is large heat signature to the East as well.” He informed me.
“Gray” I said over the radio.
“Yes” he said.
“Send a Spec. team to grid location MP4-12C and make sure they bring flashlights.” I entered the tunnel alone, not waiting for back-up. As I entered the tunnel, the ground was shaking but just a little, not able to be felt from the strong facility. I was about 100 feet in when I stepped on a soft spot. I fell 20 feet, when I hit solid rock. I sat up groaning, and all I heard was clicking of guns being loaded.
“Put your hands up!” Shouted somebody in a Russian accent.
I suddenly wake up realizing it’s just another dream.

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