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The beast from Harris mansion

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The dark clouds drifted over the full moon dimming its light and leaving the old Harris mansion in complete darkness. And faint growls came from within no one ever went up to the house and no one who ever went came back out. The deaths of five teenagers, insured that no one would ever enter again.

Samuel crept outside his apartment and knocked ever so softly as if to make as little noise as possible. The door opened and his best friend porter came out. “You ready” Samuel said “yes” porter replied. “Then let’s go” said Samuel they went outside and headed off to the old Harris mansion.

They wanted to see if the tale was true if the house really was haunted, and if the story was true how the demon works to kill the devils most wanted most pure of people. If there really were shoes nailed on the wall in the face of Shelby Witenmore, the dead cheer leader. Samuel waited for Porter at the front door when he got there they stared at each other as if to say do you want to go through with it.

When a loud shriek came from behind them, they screamed and turned on the spot too see Stephanie and Nichole Witenmore. “What you doing” they both said “none of your business” came the reply from Samuel. “We want in” said the girls Samuel did not want them in but he decided to let them in he was going to scare them.

They slowly opened the door and walked in the smell of death was so strong that their eyes watered. As they approached the rug still stained with the blood of the teens that died. A loud voice came from somewhere below them. “Welcome to my house and welcome to your death go on explore to your heart’s content but do not go into the basement I repeat no basement” “but why” said porter “Because you cannot see what lies down there you will die quicker than you will exploring the house I will be in touch”.
The voice was gone, the house came to life the lights flickered on and they could see the trail of blood leading to the dining room. They followed it but when they walked in the shoes were not in the face of Shelby, but there was a face for each of them.

The girls started to cry Samuel went over and hugged them hoping it would help he had no experience in the matter. His mother was dead and his father was always drunk. They left the room and started to explore the rest of the house, most of the doors were locked. But when they went upstairs and found the very trunk Shelby wrote about in her diary before she died. She said not too open but porter who had a knack for things saw the wires he bent down and unplugged the trunk so the signal would not go out too tell whatever lived here to attack.

He found a key too all the rooms, he showed the rest of the gang and they ran back down stairs and opened one of the rooms it had stairs going down to the basement. Without thinking they went down they opened the door at the bottom to see a one room basement. As they all walked in the door behind them shut, and locked the lights went out then back on a beast like no other stood before them so horrible that even the devil himself seemed nice.

As they stared at it then it walked forward and ripped the lungs right out of porter, he fell down dead. The teens struggled to open the door as the best killed Nichole by ripping her spinal cord out it then looked at Samuel with a smile and put a hand on Stephanie. She shivered without a thought Samuel kicked the beast in the leg it stumbled, and rose up and let a fist swing towards Samuel he ducked and the fist broke through the door.

They opened it and ran with the beast in pursuit catching both of them and stabbing them with one of his sharp claws killing them both it then shut the basement door and finished his job leaving no evidence of nothing he then had a feast of and went back to his deep slumber till another soul would cross the threshold of the mansion.

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