Zeph: The Occurrence Part 1

October 18, 2012
By S.C.O.P.T.E.E PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
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The Zeph: The Occurrence

In a world of secrets, defiance and hatred , a saga was beginning. A tale that itself was uncertain of its truth. In the winds of heaven and through the blazing blood baths of hell, life in its regularity bared its mark. Neither Angels nor Demons never spoke of its irregularities. The mere mention of its existence was forbidden. It was never meant to be found. Not in the Golden Decade at least, but it was mentioned.

A reality was in the bonds of creation, when it was heard. The secret had been told. A keeper had been killed.

The Time Regime was in utter chaos. All laws had been broken, the judgment had been passed.

Lord Sphinx, leader of the Regime, summoned the universes oldest warrior, The Zephian. But his sentry stated that she had sacrificed herself to protect the Zeph in the on going war against Vampire. The Lord knew he had to make use of this time to get a new Zephian before its too late. Out of the blue, he selected an elite titan from each civilization, who would be trained to receive The Zeph. After a decade long training, a warrior emerged claiming he had a rightful heir to the Zephianic Truth.

The Prodents were called upon this rumor, the decadence had spoken, the warrior was given a chance to challenge the Elite Titans of Anthrax, Zhang-Ho, Trisphere and Zeptrix. As they were trained by Raal. The challenger was given two days to train for the battle.

A grasping sound came from the edge of the Decadence chamber,“ Follow me, young one”. A Prodent Sentry accompanied him towards the vile deep. The Sentry pointed towards a wall and path aligned within the bricks expanded revealing a huge metallic furnace. An Innate shadow appeared and
everything turned dark.

With the feel of an tinkly substance on his head, he woke up.
With dire pain he struggled and managed to stood up saying,“What the Hell!!!” as the bionic warfare continued at arms length. He managed to hide within a bundle of dead bodies. A huge mace slit open the bodies and he was taken. This huge chimera took him to a snowy peak and into the cave. As its feet grounded, he managed to escape into a hole at the corner of a rock.


__________SUBJECT CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE____________

As Chamber opened a deceased body was thrown out, even Decadence had its laws. All trainees were required to be in tuned with their spiritual self in order to complete the simultaneous training scenarios. Raal emerged from the shadows, “Young one, you might have gone too far with such claims of divinity”. These training simulations are meant for the elite sages. You haven’t even killed a cyclops yet. This is not the trial you should blaze.

He answered in a very respected way, “Men arent born champions, the become, I will train and face the titans!”. As the techniques of the sages intensified, Raal noticed an unusual amount of devotion and effort that he was putting to become at least the same level as the titans. With this altitude of motivation, Raal took him to the Warp, where he was trained at the eclipse. This central anti gravity arena where within two hours of training is worth a decade in the time stream.

After mastering the Zone Shift, he came out as being one of the mightiest and deadliest killer he had ever seen. Upon returning from the Eclipse, with such immense, he had grown tremendously both in terms of both telekinetic combat and Zone abilities. Body was drastically changed as he had trained using the chains of the divine, weighing three million tons. He had acquired a very keen sight of the beyond. Raal took him to Arch Masons Tomb, the biggest weapon arsenal of the Regime. Upon having a combat evaluation, the would receive a weapon of his choice and a secondary weapon to boost his Zone. As the evaluation progressed, the Head Maker, gave Raal a promise, “ Guardian, I will forge the weapons myself, but the warrior will only get them at the Throne Battle Room.”

With this episode the story progresses as the warrior has now become a slayer, one of the most ruthless hunters of its kind. The Black had accepted him as there own, his haze was chosen. This Haze was known for its chemical as well as destructive properties, the possessor could summon a poison cloud or annihilate a foe with a single push.

A day had passed in this mighty journey of a warrior in pain, he wanted to be the Keeper of the Zeph, and he wont rest until he has achieved that. People may talk and they may criticize but what he has achieved in a day, cant even be accomplished in a millennium. He had went in to despair but his journey was far from over.

The author's comments:
A world that has seen Harry Potter and other such sagas, need another sci fi classic. Thats what it is. And i hope to make my story more effective.

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