The two that knew the other the best.

October 17, 2012
By JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
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She knew what kind of personality he had, and yet she found it fun to push him to the edge till he snaps. It was her favorite hobby, besides dancing. Even though her family was falling apart and no one could really take care of her, she could count on the beat of the music to let her get her mind off of things. Then her caretaker, Kevin, decided to introduce her when they were fifteen and sixteen to each other. That’s when she started to annoy him. The one word she spoke, he didn’t understand. The more Japanese she spoke, the more annoyed he got.

It was bad enough he had small dragon syndrome, but forced into a partnership by his caretakers and hers? She didn’t like it either; but they became dance partners none the less, winning many competitions. The older they got, the more cheerful she became. He couldn’t help but be glad that his closest friend was happy, but he was annoyed by it.

She never understood why he was always so down and rude to people. Once she was reunited with her family, she was even more happier; still trying to ignore what had happened six months prior.

When he found her crying that day, he swore to himself he’d be the one to hurt the guy who had hurt her. He never showed how much he really cared for her; but showed just enough to keep her around as his friend.

The day he spoke back to her mother, she was nearly tempted to choke him out if it wasn’t for the fact she was still slightly upset about having to explain what happened, and not being able to get the words out. That was when she learned why he was always so mad.

When her mother said the words out loud, he wanted to disappear. I felt like it was a curse he was stuck with because he did something terrible when he was younger. Before he could even say he was going to leave, or even turn to leave, she was hugging him. He knew who her mother was, he just didn’t know it was her mother. Or the man that was her father really was her father. He always thought she was kidding and made it up.

When she asked Apollo to join them, she knew it would be fun. Though, she wasn’t too happy about Coal’s reaction to him. Though, when Apollo danced with her; she couldn’t help but to blush.

When he watched her dance with the new kid, his teeth gritted. He knew she’d never feel what he felt; which just upset him more. He wanted her to be happy; but he hated having to see it be someone else that could cause harm like the last guy did. Sure, he teased her and made her mad; but he got joy out of seeing her use her strong side to control her anger. He always wondered why when they were with others, she kept her hair down; but when they were alone, she’d tie it up to show the little white heart on the back of her neck that appeared after the first time she transformed.

After practice, he always carried her home while she slept on his back. He always sang the same song to her, turning it into more of an enchanting spell than a song with the way he sang it.

“Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep,” he’d sing softly as he carried her on his back. Once she was asleep, he’d smile. He knew one day he’d end up telling another guy everything. Her grandfather may want them together; but he doesn’t want her to be forced into something like that. Coal had too much respect for Tiana to let something like that happen. So, when the conflict came up when he finally decided to tell her.

“You have something to say?” she asked. He was caught talking to her brother about her outside her room. Did she hear everything?

“Yeah…” he said, walking into her room with her. She closed the door. She sat back on the bed, and he just stood there.
“What all did you hear?” he asked.
“I kind of eavesdropped when you were talking to my Dad. It’s obvious. I knew it after you got yourself expelled for beating the snot out of Jack for me. I just never realized it before,” she smiled. He was slightly annoyed, wondering why she didn’t bring it up for six months. He couldn’t blame her though. She was still having nightmares of what happened. He was always there too, and for that she was glad.
“Then why’d you bring that Apollo kid?” he asked, not meaning to sound as rude as he did.
“He has no friends, and he’s new around that town. Julian is Kevin’s older sister. I just thought he’d like to get out since she asked. Though, when we danced you looked jealous,” she giggled.
“Which made it even more obvious…” he sighed. He scratched the back of his head nervously.
“I don’t know what to say. I mean, right now I can’t worry about it; but don’t you even dare think I don’t feel the same way. You know me, I’m full of surprises.”
He just looked at her, not knowing what to say with a slightly puzzled expression. Then he just smiled a bit and nodded.
“Yeah. You sure are. Good night Tiana,” he said, opening the door.
“Night Coatl,” she said teasingly. He sighed and walked out.
“She’s a bit mad, otherwise she wouldn’t have used my real name… Oh well,” he muttered to himself and shrugged, walking to his room.

The author's comments:
Well, I have this weird obssession with mystical and supernatural creatures. I have a lot of things to do for this couple, so there will be other shorts about their relationship. Just not a book.

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Looking forward to the shorts :) !!!


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