Becareful For What You Wish For

October 12, 2012
By Alexus5211 GOLD, Nanuet, New York
Alexus5211 GOLD, Nanuet, New York
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Once their was a young teenage girl named Addison. She was 15 years old, she had long dark brown hair and big brown puppy dog eyes. She was a great young lady always cared for someone else. Addison and her mother had always fought for a dumb reason, but one night Addison and her mother had a huge fight about her mother always being in her business 24/7. Addison and her mother had a huge fight this one night and Addison had gotten so mad these words flew out her mouth "I hate you! sometI'mes i wish you would leave and never come back!, ugh! sometI'mes i wish you were dead. it would be a whole lot better then having you here with me." her mother's jaw dropped, and Addison just went up to her room without saying a word. Her mother went upstairs to her room, she toOK the picture of Addison when she was about 10 years old she just held it to her chest and started to bust out in tears. She loOKed back and she said to her self "what did i do wrong? how could my own daughter wish i was dead?" she finally stopped crying and went back downstairs to make dinner. Laura (Addison's mother) realized she didn't have everything she needed so she had to run to the store, she walked upstairs to let Addison know she was running to the store real quick. She knocked on the door and opened it slowly she told Addison "hey honey, I'm running to the store ill be right back." Addison just shoOK her head and continued what she was doing, when her mother came out the store it was raining cats and dogs. Her mother slowly drI'ved because she could barely see out her windshield, she loOKed down for less then a second when she loOKed back up she saw headlights going right towards her... and by the tI'me she could react it was too late, the other drI'ver ran out of his car and ran to Laura's he opened the car door and she fell out. In less then 2 minuets the cops were their, Addison heard the phone ring she ran downstairs and answered it, she was shocked from the news she heard. she called a cab and rushed to the hospital she finally got to the hospital and asked the lady at the desk "Do you know what room Laura Rodriguez is in?" the lady replied "Room 204." Addison replied "Thank You, So much!!" Addison ran all the way to the room, she saw her mom just laying their. Addison pulled up a chair and sat next to her and grabbed her hand, and said "Mom! please be OK, I'm so sorry for what I've said earlier, i didn't mean anything I've said...please just don't die on me please...i need you." the doctor walked in and Addison asked "Is my mother going to be OK?" he replied "Your mother had lost a lot of blood, she would need a blood transfusion... but if she gets the transfusion in the next 6 hours then your mother will be able to survI've." Addison asked "will she be getting the transfusion, in the next 5-6 hours?" he replied "yes." Addison said "alright thank you." he then said "no need to think us, this our job." she sat back down next to her mother and held her hand, she laid her head down by her mother and feel into a nervous sleep. A few hours later she had wOKen up, the room was black as a winter night, her mother was gone, then suddenly she saw a floating bubble she was frightened but slowly walked towards it...she touched it, her hand went right through, she screamed, but then she realized she could go through. She then went in slowly, she saw herself. she had black and blue bruises all over her body, she went upstairs to her old room she saw a picture of her and the mother and the nightstand and her diary on her bed. Addison sat down and opened the boOK and started reading and then she gotten to the page where she written about her mother...On her funeral day. Addison brOKe down in tears and realized her mother had passed away, and she was abused by her Aunt and Uncle every single day. And she saw how better her life was when she had her wonderful mother around, she wOKe up it felt like a bad dream the doctor had walked in and told Addison "Hey, it's tI'me for your mothers surgery. she was so anxious to find out how everything is going to turn out. About 3 hours later her mother was done with the Transfusion, she walked back to the room and their she saw her mother laying their watching t.v she was so blessed to have her have her alI've, she started to tear up, and so did her mother. Addison walked slowly and apologized for everything she had said, her mother replied "it's OK,i was a teenager once too. i know how it feels." they both smiled and Addison whispered "i should be more careful for what i should wish for..."

The author's comments:
My teacher told my class we have to write a Fantasy story and as a young teenage girl, Their mother's mean a lot and sometimes wish they weren't around once and a while so i decided to do a piece like this one. Hope you All Enjoy this writing.

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