October 11, 2012
By JDL74 BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
JDL74 BRONZE, Moffat, Colorado
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The history of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is very interesting, although that wasn’t true until the year 2295. In this century already there have been four world wars, and technology is too advanced for the sake of mankind. People wanted new things, and mutations were one of them. Of course the mutations were not perfect yet and they still needed to do human tests. The largest testing facility was located in one of the Sangre’s ridges. This testing lab was as secure as Area 51, and it shared the trait of no one knowing about it except “the crazy conspiracy theorists”. That wouldn’t stay the same forever. Of all the human tests Jordan Stagrats was the most successful.

At the age of one his mother was murdered, but luckily he wasn’t old enough for that to damage his heart. At five his father, George Stagrats, confessed to murdering Alyssa Stagrats, Jordan’s mother. This did cause just enough trauma at the right age to make him perfect for testing. Since he was seven years old Jordan started getting into fights. No one wanted him so he went to foster homes from then on. Now he was living in the Happy Endings foster home at the age of sixteen, which made him an easy pickup since that was in Alamosa, Colorado.

“Jordan! Some people are here for you!” called Maggy the foster parent. Jordan came stomping down the stairs in his old Denver Broncos sweatshirt and jeans. Maggy pointed to the door. As soon as he saw the uniforms he knew something was up.

“What do you want?” Jordan sneered.

“To take you to an even happier ending,” one of the two men said with a doofy smile and a nod/shake of his head. How ironic. Suddenly they grabbed him by the arms and started dragging him to a white van.

“Maggy!” Jordan cried. He was frantically turning and resisting to glance at the open doorway with Maggy filling it. He yelled and kicked and fought all the way to the van doors where they stabbed him with a needle. As things were getting blurry and he was being chained, he saw the sorry face of the ever happy Ms. Maggy. Traitor.

When Jordan came to he wasn’t quite sure where he was. Once he tried to get up and the chains restrained him he remembered everything. Right away he looked for clues as to where he was. They were on an incline, Jordan could tell that much from constantly trying to keep himself from falling backwards. That, with the constant bumps and rattles, must mean they’re on a mountain, most likely one of the Sangre de Cristos, since they were the closest. As they slowed to stop Jordan decided it was probably best to pretend to remain asleep. When the doors opened it was obvious they could tell he was awake. They unchained the 5’ 10” shaggy-haired boy and dragged him into a lab. Jordan was right about being in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Jordan let out a small yelp when they stuck him with another needle. Wonder what this one’s going to do thought Jordan. He soon found out when his body went numb. Jordan had heard of this lab before. It was where they took all the useless kids and tested mutations on them. Looks like he was next. After passing through countless rooms they finally placed him on a cold steel table. Now spread-eagle and clamped by ankles and wrists onto the metal slab, Jordan wished he was back at the foster home. If only Maggy would’ve helped him. He could say “if” to a lot of things.

“Hello Mr. Stagrats,” said a doctor who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “By the end of this test you should either be, quite literally, super, or dead. Now lets hope it’s the former.” Jordan would have answered back but that numbing sedative numbed every part of his body. He watched the doctor snap on his rubber gloves. The doctor then grabbed a scalpal and sliced open Jordan’s forearms. He walked over to a shelf and grabbed a packet of green powder. The evil doctor walked over to Jordan and poured half of the packet into each arm. Suddenly Jordan felt a tingling in his arms.

“Nighty night,” came the word from the doctor as he flicked a needle. Great, another needle were Jordan’s last thoughts before he fell into a deep sleep.




“He’s doing a great job,” the nurse in blue declared.

“Sure. Yeah. I’m still worried he might be too strong though, and there still is the possibility he might e-”

“SHHHH! He’s wakin’ up.” the doctor quieted immediately.

Jordan knew the moment he woke up he had a headache. The doctor and a nurse in sickening blue scrubs were watching over him like vultures.

“Hello!” was the first word from the nurse”s squeaky voice.

“How ya feeling?” asked the doctor. Jordan groaned. “Well atleast you vocal chords still work,” Jordan’s mind was working overtime trying to figure out a way to get out.

“I’m really hungry,” Jordan said.

“We can fix that. Nancy can you get this boy some dinner?” The nurse ran out smiling.

“How long have I been out?” asked the boy.

“Three days and twelve hours,” replied the overeager doctor.

“Ok since you’re the guy with all the answers, what did you people just do to me?!?!”

“We mutated you,” the doctor said in a soothing voice.

“Is that even legal?!?!”

“No. Not yet.”

“Then why didn’t Maggy help me? Why didn’t she call the police you sick monster?”

“ Your foster parent was very fond of our program, and she believed it would work, which it did.”

“I need some time alone to think over everything.”

“OK. You’re nurse will be here soon with your food,” then the doctor left. As soon as the door shut Jordan yanked out his IV and jumped out of the hospital bed.

“Lets see how well these mutations work,” Jordan said aloud, which surprised even him. Jordan then took a quick look at his now huge arms and glanced back up at the titanium walls of the recovery room. Suddenly he lashed out at the walls and they crumbled under his brute force. Not thinking he could be on the edge of a cliff or thirty stories high, he just ran through the hole in the wall. Luckily he was only just on the edge of a cliff with a sheer four-hundred foot drop. He jumped it though, hoping he would make it to the tall tree across the ridge where he could grab some it’s branches. He only just made it. Unfortunately he hit it with a tremendous amount of force. Jordan exploded. The explosion was so huge it swallowed up the lab in it’s fireball.

This, sadly, was not the end to human mutation tests. Although it was because of this that the Colorado war was fought. The rest of the United States just passed it by as another murder, and the people of Colorado weren’t happy. They started a civil war, in which they surprisingly won. They gained their independence and became their own country. Today a giant statue stands in the middle of Denver. A statue of Jordan.

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