A Day In The World Of Minecraft

October 4, 2012
By JoshLovesWriting BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
JoshLovesWriting BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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A day in the world of Minecraft

“Josh, get off the computer it’s time for school.”
“Alright dad I’m almost done building my house.”

“I said get off right now.”
“Let me save, my computer just crashed I hate this game.”

Ugh it was another boring Monday, I couldn’t stop thinking of all that work spent on my house and now it’s all gone like a bird when it turns winter. It’s the end of the day, I went home to jump on Minecraft when all of a sudden... the screen turned a midnight black then to a purple
vortex, after that the whole room went black and then I was knocked out cold. I woke up to a familiar place but I didn’t know where until I recognized it, the world of Minecraft I was flipping out at first. It was early in the morning of the Minecraft world, the deer frolicking around the bunnies hopping along the green pixel plush ground it was the most peaceful and serene sight. An hour or two later I realized I need to build my house, and I did just a small 5 length on all sides and 5 high made out of stone and cobblestone which I got by using my wood and stone pickaxes with one bed and just a small amount of food to get me through the day. It is day two of my Minecraft journey. I had to get food. I could survive with a pig I just saw.

I needed a sword; I got a normal stone sword, I added on to my house. This would let me have more room to move around. It was night time I heard a very low moan and remembered the zombies that were in the game I had to stay in but I needed to lead them away from my house I darted thru the door and dug a big hole with TNT so they would fall and not be able to get out of the hole I put down blocks to block the top of the hole. I ran back home with some pork in my hands. I opened the door and went to bed.

It was day three of my journey I was already starting to miss being home with my parents and getting to see my friends at school but this was still pretty fun with the whole being In a game I love to play. The next day I made a mine so I could go find diamonds I found 24 in my first and 12 in my second I was pretty happy so I made a diamond pickax a diamond shovel a diamond sword a diamond ax and a diamond hoe I used the strength of a tank to make these tools to build things.

And still had 25 left over so I saved them. The whole killing zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons was easy since I had a diamond sword. My house was huge now 6 rooms 3 baths and a crafting room and an enchanting cauldron my house was made out of cobblestone and wood, “wait if I’m in the game who is playing as me” I say well I didn’t really care cause no one else could be on my computer so I was proud of my house cause it’s something that if it was the real world it’d cost a million dollars.

I was happy that I was surviving so well I was laughing at the people who I remember hated on people for playing Minecraft and saying that “oh well you have no life.”
Well they’re wrong because I thought about it well at least I was outside that made me start missing school even more the people who made fun of me like Ryan Clucking, Mark Erving, Billy Jones. Actually I love being in the whole Minecraft thing cause, I feel like I was the only one who had this happen to them. I was in a forest biome and I was bored, I pulled out my iPod which still looks the same in Minecraft and I get a internet connection so I played games watched Netflix and played Minecraft on the IPod even though I was in Minecraft, I was laughing for an hour running around like a total idiot. When I fell down a hill, I laughed when I was finally at the bottom. The duplication glitch doesn’t work in real life Minecraft unless you’re in front of a screen doing it.

I went out killed every living thing that could give me food. When, I received my reward of pork and chicken that were laying their blood dripping from there lifeless body’s took their meat and stored it in my chest, I noticed a village that was close to me. I made a tunnel to it and scavenged through the villagers houses. This was really the beginning, I loved being here I never wanted to leave it but I knew sometime soon I would have to though it was really pissing me off. I went to bed thinking about all the fun I was having. It was the next morning and day four of my Minecraft journey. I wanted to have some fun so I found a cave and set down at least 2 nuke blocks, I was at least within a 30 mile radius, hit the lever then boom there was a big explosion followed by another. The sight was awesome there was just a big gaping hole in the ground like 40 blocks deep. “What the hell dad is that you.”
“Josh I’m so glad to see you where are we?”

“We’re in my own never ending Minecraft world.”

“Wait so you built all this?”

“Not the hills but the house I built.”

“You are very talented.”

“Thanks dad.”

Its fun teaching my dad to play a video game, he’s not the best but for his first house it’s pretty good except for all the different blocks he used. But I shouldn’t judge him I mean he is my dad.
We made are dues and vowed to never yell at one another again

The author's comments:
well in this story a boy by the name of josh an avid video game player gets mad at one of his games, thus sending him into the the virtual world of the video game. the story is not finished its still a work in progress but i believe i can get it done. also in the story josh has to go through some challenges like needing a shelter, food, and the gruesome creatures that lurk in the night.

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