Boneshaker: Book Review

October 1, 2012
By DavidDD BRONZE, Auburn, New York
DavidDD BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Book Review
By: David D
Boneshaker, a phenomenal sci-fi novel, by Cherie Priest, truly caught my attention from the beginning till the end with its intriguing plot and steampunk themed story.

The story of Boneshaker takes places during the Civil war in the 80’s when a scientist named Leviticus Blue invented the first drilling machine that would be able to cut through thick layers of ice that covers enormous amounts of gold. But instead, it turned into a calamity when it suddenly developed an unknown gas called the Blight that soon infected the residents that live in Seattle to transform into the living dead.

Only few survived and escaped the City. One of them was a widow named Briar Wilkes, ex-wife of Leviticus Blue. Sixteen years have passed since the machine dismantled and mutilated the city of Seattle, Zeke, Briar’s son. Was tired of being frowned upon by the community in which he lived in, due to his family’s reputation of causing the Blight. Zeke then decided to go in the cursed city in order to restore his family’s honor. Briar soon found out about her son’s suicidal mission plans and decides to follow him while wearing a pair of cheap gas masks.

Quotes such as, “The sound came again. There was a whistle to it, and a moan. It was almost a hiss, and it could’ve been a strangled gasp. Above all, it was quiet, and it seemed to have no source. It whispered.” gave that source of suspense and horror to the book, and its plot. This is another reason why I wanted to read more, to satisfy my suspicion.

Another quote that really caught my attention was, “In California there were nuggets the size of walnuts lying on the ground or so it was said, and truth travels slowly when rumors have wings of gold.” The detailed and imaginative mind of Cherie Priest truly delivered well when it came to minor details and outlines.
Sure, Boneshaker stood out compared to other novels, mainly because of its originality and its setting on a young, fresh new steampunk genre. But some parts of the book left me hanging with questions from the plot and the way it was arranged.

For one, Since the Blight had such a huge impact of Seattle, why hasn’t it spread further more into the country or region? How do the walls protect the others living around the contaminated area from the toxic gas?

On a side note, this novel had me engaged into reading for once in my life. It gave an exciting feeling from scene to scene, chapter to chapter. It made me read more and more, I just couldn’t simply put it down. From its adventurous and intense features, it left me hanging and wanting more.

In my opinion, Cherie Priest had a terrific arrangement and imaginative story. From the sky pirates, “rotters”(zombies), marvelous devices and inventions, and to the mysterious, mischievous, evil Doctor Minnerecht and his evil plans about the infection and what he had planned for it, gave the story that hint of creativity and originality, which I most certainly longed for.

The author's comments:
This is a book review i wrote for the novel Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest.

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