Hero Trials

September 25, 2012
By thekroked BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
thekroked BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
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The Hero Trials: The Beginning

Kyle’s alarm clock woke him with a jolt the alarm clock was set to seven o’ clock, he thought about hitting snooze but just decided to suck it up and get ready for school. Just before he went into the shower he remembered today’s the day the biggest test in all of high school. The test that if he passed not only would he show his teachers and his mom that he was worth something but it would also mean he would have a future of fame and fortune no matter what. The test was the hero test that’s what they call the players in the sport called the hero trials started in the year twenty thirty five this August the hero trials are celebrating their two hundredth anniversary and that will be something to be a part of. He knew he would be picked to be the youth victor, at sixteen they go in all schools and have a test they make all sixteen year olds participate in if they sign up and their parents sign the sheet says they approve and okay with any injuries their child inflicts or is a victim of from paper cut to mortal wound. Though no mortal injuries had been recorded in the hero trials. Well anyways Kyle turned on the television and flipped through the channels until he got to the hero trial channel the same as always during the off -season just reviews of past matches some intense some not so much. Though after a few minutes of watching he noticed they were talking about what the hero trials were all about this was his favorite thing to listen to. Greg Diggins, the reporter on the screen, started to explain “ The hero trial started two hundred years ago as a training system for young soldiers in the United States Army but after five years it became an international sport because it was basically virtual reality gaming but in it you felt real pain if you were hit by a sword blow or a gunshot and real comfort in sleeping and eating. But enough of this history lesson lets talk about rules and what it’s based on and what is. It is based on the gladiators in ancient Rome except this is not actually killing people you are zapped into a high tech computer system and fight it out until your virtual health runs out then you take off the special brainwave reading helmet. And the trials boasts no deaths ever in its history and it most of the time isn’t one on one there is groups of people and there is two different groups. A tech and hero this is most common a tech is basically an eye in the sky who gives you information on what to expect and gives you clues to help you win. Or you can have two or more heroes on a group which is more uncommon because heroes usually don’t like to split the earnings and supplies found which can be literally pulled out of the computer system like if you find a weapon if you have it with you when zapped out it comes with you also if you are in a group you can easily just search for weapons, evo’s (which are gene changing liquid that can do anything to you like make you faster, stronger, even grow you a mustache), and all of the special equipment you find. Well folks that’s all of the time we have.” Kyle looked at the clock 8:25
“Dang it I’m going to be late, by mom by the time I get back I’ll be a hero.” Kyle said
“yeah,” mom said, “ and I’ll win the lottery.”

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