Life Beyond Normal 2

September 21, 2012

“You know even without your help, we have information where your daughter is,” the man looked at the woman in pity. “You could have just told me instead of going through all this trouble, you could have saved me time. By now you could have been free and your daughter dead,” he mocked the woman. The woman was young and beautiful. She held the beauty of what humans would call angels. The man was not any different; even though he was full of wickedness his appearance was flawless. He was amazing, gorgeous.

The woman said in response, “You think I would miss any chance to make it difficult for you to kill my daughter. Being the almighty king of Rexton, you should be capable of making me talk. Are you not the king?” “Do not test me, Meadow, I cannot kill you but I can and will torture you. Maybe you won’t work with me. However, I will make you see as I torture your kingdom, your beloved wilderness and most of all Allyson. Am I right?” The man looked satisfy in seeing that the woman reacted to the name. “Don’t you dare touch my daughter,” Meadow said angrily. “You cannot do nothing to me, have you not realize that you are in chains, and everyone knows that our hands in chain, we don’t have our powers in our possession,” the man taunted Meadow, with fire in his hand. He burned her, she didn’t seem to get burn marks but her pain was agonizing. I yelled, “Nooo! Don’t hurt her. Nooo! You want me don’t, please. No.”

“Allie, wake up, wake up. It is just a nightmare,” a young stranger held me. “Let her go, take me. Take me instead. I give up if you don’t torture her any longer,” I say franticly and in my rage, in a blink of an eye he was flung out the room. I got up and ran after him, I need to finish him off. When I got to his side, something pricked my neck and I pass out.

“Allie, can you see me? Allie, do you know who I am?” A middle age man said. He was not old looking but his voice made him seem as a man around the age of 30. My eyesight was blurry. I blinked a couple of times and saw that he held the same beauty of the man who captured my mom. But I looked into his eyes and saw a glimpse of parental feeling towards me. Sirius.

Stark was rubbing the back of his neck. I tried to get up, but my muscles weren’t budging. “The depressant I gave you will make all your body numb for at least another 10 minutes,” Sirius said while helping me to a sofa. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” I cry, knowing that what I did was due to the influence of my vision. “Don’t worry, Allie. You didn’t injure me harshly; you gave me a scratch or two. I know you didn’t mean it…or at least not towards me,” Stark said. “What did you see this time Allyson? What did Uran do?” Sirius asked. Sirius was my father, really my godfather but I loved him like a father. Stark was his son, his blood son.

I put my hands on my temple; my head was hurting like it always does after a vision lately. “He was…he was torturing my mother. He knows where I might be, he knows my name,” I said terrified of the information I knew. A chill went down my spine knowing that something wicked was coming for me. “How can he…” Stark said when his father interrupted, “What did he actually say?” “He said that he will make my mom see as he tortures me, Allyson, till death and he asked my mother if he had my name right. My mom looked at him and said that he better not hurt me...” I said unable to finish the rest. “So you think he has a lead on you?” Sirius looks at me and I nod, “Just to take precaution we have to move. We don’t know how he is tracking us but I may be sure that it is by our scent. We’re moving in three days, while I try to make a distraction, if they ever find this place.” Sirius looks at me trying to look for a sign of rejection. I say nothing. Sirius takes one good look at me and leaves.

Stark sat next to me and looked at me. Stark was tall, tanned skin, muscular, with hazel eyes and light brown hair. “When you flung me, you thought I was Uran,” I nod, “I thought so because you told me to stop torturing your mom and that you were willing to give yourself up for her.” I look away; I knew that what I said made me a coward. But I wanted my mom’s pain to be taken away from her. I couldn’t stand seeing her go through all of that agony because of me.

Stark took my chin so my face faced his. “Don’t give up. Doing that beats the reason why your dad and mom sacrificed themselves for you. Do you want Uran to win? If you die, how would you deal with the pain knowing that you left your mom behind with Uran? You wouldn’t have made a difference. Listen to me, don’t give up. Promise me you won’t die without a fight. Promise me,” Stark waited for a response. “I promise,” I take my right hand; I look at the crescent moon and star scar and place it in his hand. Our scars began to glow, attaching me and Stark, more than I already was. Now I was not only attached to him because he was my flame, now with a promise.

I got up from the sofa, leaving Stark behind. I wanted some alone time. I walked out the house and wandered around. Right now I felt so awkward. How can one person be joined to another without their consent? I don’t get my planet, Rexton there way of- with life. When a person is born they are already destined to be with someone, for when a soul comes to life matching your soul- they connect. Stark and I have intertwined souls; he and I are meant to be together. It’s really hard to me to accept what’s going on. Realizing that I am not human, that I have a destined guy in my life, I’m royalty, it very hard to take that all in. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Stark. On the contrary, he is the best guy I have ever met, but I want to like him on my terms- normal ones, rather than the terms implemented on us because what we are.

I look around me and decide to go back home, if it can actually be home. But before I could go back to Sirius house, I decided to go back to my human origins, Tracy. Tracy was the human who took care of me until now. I ran away from her when I finally realized that I was not human. I ran away and haven’t talk to her since. It was very selfish of me to leave her after she took care of me like she was my real mother. I got to her house and knocked on the door, but the door was open. I walked in. “Tracy? Tracy it’s me Allyson,” I said. I looked around nothing was out of place. I went into her room; she was there on her bed. Her back was towards me, I went towards her and when I looked at her she was pale. No she couldn’t be. “Tracy, wake up. Please wake up. I’m here. I’m sorry I left; I didn’t mean anything I said before. Please forgive me,” tears came down my face. It was no use she was long gone. I knelt down and buried my head in the bed.

Someone touched my shoulder, I look up. “I felt your hurt, I went looking for you and ended up here,” Stark said. He looks at Tracy and he picks me up and hugs me. I buried my face in his chest, he was taller than me. I let go of Stark and he said, “You wan t me to take her back home?” “No. I’ll do it. I can do it,” I said angrily. I don’t even know why I said that because I wasn’t strong enough to carry Tracy. He looked at me, he knew I needed help, he knew I was angry at myself not at him, but he knew not to contradict me.

I took Tracy into my arms and cradled her. At first I couldn’t hold her, but then I felt something come over my body, something tingled all over. When I carried Tracy, I didn’t feel her weigh as if she didn’t weigh anything. I took her and ran and before I knew it I was home.

Sirius was at the door when I got there. He looked at me and I gave him Tracy. I wanted to go inside the house with him. Still I couldn’t bear to see Tracy dead any longer. I sat on the grass outside the house and thought. I left Tracy and she was dead. Kregg. I left Kregg. My heart thumped hard when I said his name. Kregg use to be my boyfriend until I erased his memory, now he was in dangered. I got up and Stark was coming towards me, he was aggravated. “Don’t think about it. You are getting yourself in danger.” “Stop! Stop, going through my thoughts. Kregg is in much danger as Tracy is. And I’m not going to leave him like this. He won’t be able to defend himself,” I defended myself. Stark took hold of my arm, “I not going through your thoughts on my will. Destiny made us this way. I was made to protect you.” “I don’t need you to protect me, I can do that myself. Many others are being hurt because of me, and if can do something to protect them I will. Kregg is one of them,” I broke away from his grip, “I have to. I’m sorry.” I left running to Kregg's house.

I knocked on the door. I was unsure of what I was going to say to him. In the last 2 months, we have not talked a lot. We were just friends. He had forgotten everything thanks to me. Or I hope he did. So yeah it was weird in how I was going to explain this to him. The door opened, it was Kregg, “Hey, Allyson. Why you here?” “Hi, can we talk out here,” I said. “Um, okay. What do you want to talk about?” Kregg was looking around checking as if someone were around. “I don’t know how to say this but do you remember anything about my birthday. Like say a necklace or something?” I looked at him to see if he thought I was crazy. He looked at me as if to see if I was joking or playing around. I took the necklace under my shirt. I try to get rid of it back then but I couldn’t. I took it off and I handed it to him. He looked at it, he was confused. He took it and stared at it for a long time. When he saw the initials, pieces of his memory came back to him.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened to me but I forgot about us,” he was frustrated. “No it was not your fault. It was mine,” I said to comfort him. I walked towards him and hugged him. It started getting chilly and it was getting really dark. “Kregg, you have to come with me. I’ll explain it to you when we get there. Okay?” Kregg looked down at me and pushed my hair away and placed the necklace back. I stared into his eyes and he bent forward. We kissed. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I broke away. “Kregg we have to go. Now. Don’t worry you don’t need anything.” “You sure? Are we running away?” Kregg smiled, his bad boy smile. “I can’t tell you here, I tell you when we get somewhere safe.” We walked to ‘my house’. I would have gotten quicker but it would give me more to explain. When we got home, Sirius was at the door. He gave me a disappointed look. I looked away. I grabbed Kregg hand and went in.

“Wait, isn’t this Stark’s home. Why are you living here?” Kregg was waiting for an answer, which I was about to give him when Stark interrupted. “Kregg, what’s up?” Stark and Kregg greeted each other. “Stark, why is my girl living with you,” Kregg looked at him suspiciously. “Didn’t you break up with her, Kregg?” Both Stark and Kregg looked at me. I was in a tough spot. “I’ll explain,” I said.

“You erased my memory,” Kregg was hurt. I had to explain to him what was happening. He on the other hand was not taking it as well as I thought. “I had to, it was better if you didn’t get involve any more,” I said trying to calm him down. Sirius and Stark were there too, making it harder for me to explain it to Kregg. Sirius was giving me a disappointed look and Stark looked hurt. “So why are you telling me this now. What’s going on?” Kregg looked mad, it hurt me see him this way. Stark got fidgety, he knew what I felt, it was annoying. “Some people from my planet are killing anyone associated to me. If I left you without memory they would easily kill you. I don’t want you to die.” Kregg muttered, “So these last two months I was left in the oblivion, because you were protecting me.” “They killed my mother…they killed Tracy. They would have gone after you. I know it didn’t seem right to keep you out, but Sirius said you knew too much already. I had to do it,” I said.

“So now what, what are you going to do about the things coming after me,” Kregg seem to understand was going on. “We are moving in a day or two, hoping they get distracted with my trap,” Sirius answered. “You are coming with us, so we can protect you,” I soothingly said. Stark and Sirius eyed me, knowing I added them in this compromise without their consent. “Allyson, he cannot come with us, he is just a mere human. I am not bond to protect him. He will only make it harder to move, he is not coming with us,” Sirius claimed. Kregg looked at Sirius then at me, he appear worried yet taken back to the way he was referred to as being a mere human.

Sirius left the living room to go up to his room; I followed him, leaving Stark and Kregg behind in the living room. *Daughter, you have the right intentions but make sure you know what the outcome is going to be. *The voice was back. It was the most helpful guide I had so far. I walked in Sirius’ room, “We are not leaving him behind. He isn’t any other human. I care about him and if I can save him from death I will.” “Listen to yourself, Allyson; you are being weakened by a human. For Rextons sake, you are not bond to the human. Your only bond is to my son. The human will slow us down,” Sirius was yelling. I turned around hoping that Kregg didn’t hear.

I walked toward the living room and I stopped to hear the conversation going on between Stark and Kregg. Kregg asked, “What does your dad mean about, Allie being bond to you and not to me?” “In our planet, we are born with a connection with our lover. Each person has there own. In this case, Allie and I are connected,” Stark answered. Kregg was confused, “Meaning that in your planet you know who you’ll eventually end up with. So you and Allie are meant to be together.” Kregg didn’t look satisfied when Stark nodded. He was jealous that in a way I was meant for Stark. “There’s more isn’t there. Tell me,” Kregg uttered. “I don’t know if I should tell you but our bond is different from your love professions between you humans. In pairs like us, each can feel what the others is feeling and thinking. We can find each other if we were to be apart and we can heal each other if there is closure,” Stark noted every bit of information to Kregg. Kregg was enraged knowing that Stark had an unfair advantage on me, showing his jealousy. I walked into the living room and sat myself next to Kregg. Kregg in a way looked happy, knowing that I had feelings for him and placed his arm around me. Stark stared into my eyes and then walked to his room.

“I heard about your bond with Stark,” Kregg said it in a stern voice. I straighten up knowing where the conversation was leading to. “That doesn’t change anything, I still like you. I only gave you up because I was protecting you,” I affirmed. “I like you a lot .Allie, now that I have to share you with Stark, like my brother, I see that I like you more than I thought,” Kregg threw out. “You are not sharing me. Kregg,” I place my hands on his face, “I don’t plan on giving in on this force love. I like you and that’s all I’m planning to worry on.” Kregg gazed into my eyes. He bend down and we kiss. My heart starts beating fast, until I could not breathe.

I look up and saw that Kregg brown eyes have dilated.* It was hard to say why this was happening. This rarely happens. *What happening, I thought. *It is rare that you can feel drawn to another person besides your flame. It is very impressing. These types of situations happen rarely, but it is assured that it can happen. Don’t worry about Kregg’s eyes. This is happening because your bond is not just one but now there are two. The bond will make him weird for a couple of days. But eventually it will wipe of and he will be bonded to you. * Kregg eyes go back to normal and he looked tired. He lied back to sleep and I slept next to him.

I woke up to see that I had slept next to Kregg. Kregg looked tired so I let him sleep. I got up taking note not to wake him up. I walked towards, the kitchen and look in the refrigerator. There was nothing. My stomach growled, I might not be human but I do eat. I went up to my room and dressed taking some money from Sirius wallet. Stark and Sirius were asleep and I made sure they were that way until I came back.

When I came back with groceries, everyone was still asleep. I went into the kitchen with all the ingredients, usually Sirius would do the breakfast but since I was awake I guess I’ll do it. With my telekinesis it was like having extra arms, faster to make breakfast. When all of breakfast was done, I went to wake up everyone. First I went to woke up Kregg, it took me awhile but I got him to wake up. While I was out I bought him some things he would need, and I send him to take a shower. Next, I woke up Sirius knowing he would make a fuss of not waking him up earlier. Instead, he glared at me for a moment and then he thanked me for waking him. It was weird but I hope my mother was behind this. Yes, the voice in my head was my mother and I had suspicions that she could get to my godfather as well. I went into Stark’s room, Stark was gone. I look all over his room no sign of him leaving. That’s when I saw him. His hand was glowing.. He had invisibility.

Stark didn’t have powers until now, men’s powers came to them slower than to females. I didn’t know what to do, either tell him or not. In a way he would find out but I could block some thoughts from him. I didn’t realize I was staring at him for too long, when he whispered, “Morning to you too, sunshine.” I smiled. “Hey, there is breakfast downstairs if you’re hungry,” I murmured. He got up and he came near me and whispered, “Do I make you nervous?” he was feeling what I felt. I didn’t say anything; I just gave him a shove and went back to the kitchen.

When I went down stairs Sirius and Kregg were already eating. I sat next to Kregg who was across from Sirius, I already ate while I was cooking but I decide to give them company. Breakfast was quite silent. When Stark came down, he sat in front of me. Kregg took hold of my hand under the table reassuring himself that I was still next to him. It felt quite awkward with Stark and Kregg there. There was so much tension between Stark, Sirius and Kregg that it was almost palpable. I couldn’t take it any longer. So I decided to speak, “Sirius, I need to tell you something- something important.” Sirius looked up from his food at me. Without words he knew that it was urgent that I needed to speak to him. He got up from his chair and signals me to follow him. I did. We walked outside to talk.

“My mother spoke to me when I was with Kregg. She said something that confused me,” I confided. “I don’t know if she told you already but there is something going on with my bond. I have more than one,” said. Sirius looked at me, and nodded. “Your mother told me little of the situation but she did tell mention that Kregg was part of us now.” I was happy, now Kregg could stay with us. Sirius didn’t look amused. “Yesterday, when you and Stark left to your rooms, me and Kregg were left talking. I gave him a kiss and then his eyes dilated, he look worn out and he went to sleep,” I explained. “Then when I started to get worried mother told me that it was very rare that this things happen. She said that nothing happen to Stark’s and my bond. Yet another bond was created,” I continued. Sirius was thinking. “She said that many things might happen to Kregg. She didn’t know what but she said to take care of him at all times,” I was done. Sirius finally spoke, “Two bonds do happen in very rare occasions, it is even rarer that it happen between you and the human. I have a clue of what may happen to your bonds, but I will not say until my thoughts are right.” Sirius looked worried, mad, and baffled. He had a clue about what was going on but he didn’t know exactly how. He was mad due to how my love problems will affect us all. I felt myself flush because I was causing everything, yet I didn’t even know who I really was.

I walked back inside to the living room. Kregg came after me and sat next to me. Stark came in the living room, but stood by the entrance watching us. I felt sick; if anything happen because of me I wouldn’t forget myself. My head started hurting, around me everything started spinning. The living room disappeared, Stark and Kregg were gone.

“You think I haven’t notice you communicating with your daughter, Meadow. Where is she and I promise I will make her death less painful,” Uran circled Meadow. They were in a dungeon, inside a castle. Mother was on the ground dirty, she was scarred and chained. So whatever other powers she had they were useless. “I will not tell you. You can torture me all you want but you cannot kill me,” my mother looked exhausted. “Yes, that issue has been in my mind for nights. Why I cannot bring death upon you is a question I have yet not answered. I cannot kill you but I can do one thing that will make you more useful to me than you are now,” Uran said. He placed his hands on my mother’s head; my mother knew what was coming. She tried to move away but she was weak. She couldn’t. Uran's hands started glowing and my mother went limp. “Now, you will forget that you ever had a child, everything that will remind you who I really am. You will refer to me as your brother. You will do as I say,” Uran commanded. My mother nodded. She got up, she was unchained and she bowed down to Uran. I yell, “No! Mother don’t.” She could not hear me. Uran looked at where I was standing, knowing that my presence was there. “She under my control now,” he grinned. He knew I was there, but he could not see me. He lifted his hands and my eyes began to burn.

“Allie, Allie, are you okay?” Stark’s voice. I open my eyes and all I could see was pitch black. “Stark where are you? I can’t see you,” I asked. “I’m right next to you,” Stark said. “Stark look at her eyes, her eyes are all blue,” Kregg uttered. “Crap, Allie don’t panic. I’ll go get my father,” Stark said giving my hand a squeeze and leaving. “Baby, don’t worry I’m here, I’m not leaving you,” Kregg assured me. He put his arm around me. I cried, why does this happen to me. I heard footstep. “Sirius?” I asked. “Yes, Allyson I’m here. What happened?” he asked. “I had another vision, my mom she was with Uran. Uran erased her memory,” Kregg moved a little, “She bowed done to Uran. I tried to stop her but I couldn’t. Uran somehow knew I was there here, even though he couldn’t see, he whispered something and my eyes burned.” I croaked.

“Let me check your eyes,” Sirius said. I don’t know what he was doing. “Your eyes are fully blue. You can’t see anything. I think this is temporary since I can still see your pupil in there. I don’t know for how long, but…” he wanted to say something else, but he was hesitant if to say or not. “But what,” I pushed. “If you and Stark were to kiss, your blindness would go away faster. It’s only an educated guess,” Sirius sounded serious. “Umm, I don’t know…” I muttered. “Allie, wait if their is no other way and if that makes you heal faster do it. It’s okay you have to do it,” Kregg insisted. “You sure? Okay, I’ll do it. Stark you okay with it?” I asked. “Yes, only if you want to,” Stark answered back. I nodded. Kregg let go of me and someone took my hands and made me stand. I felt Stark take my hands, then his lips were pressed on mines. My scar on my hand was getting hot, I opened my eyes, and I could only see the outline of Stark nothing more. “Sirius, I didn’t get all my eyesight. I can only see outlines,” I was mad. Not at Sirius or Stark but at myself. If I had not said anything to my mother I wouldn’t be like this.

I looked around and I saw only outlines of everything around, I walked towards Kregg. He placed his hands around me and whispered, “It’s okay Allie, you tried at least you are not lost. At least you can see outlines. I’m not leaving you at all. I’m here.” I move away from Kregg, and I ran out the house. At least outlines helped me not get hit. I ran not knowing where I was headed. I didn’t care. I could not see. It’s always my fault. I always make things more difficult than they already are. I felt the sun set. I was on the beach for a long time. I decided that running away didn’t solve anything. I went back.

When I went into the house everything was quiet. Too quiet. I heard noise come from upstairs, “Kregg is that you?” I walked towards the stairs. “The target is downstairs,” a rough voice said. When I tried to move away, they were in front of me, they were tall. They were two of them. One tried hitting me on my head, but I moved quickly. I threw one of them towards the wall of the living room. The other jumped toward me, I took him by his neck and I cracked it. He was dead, and then his outline was gone. He vanished. I killed him. I ran to the living room, the man got up and he looked around for his partner and saw he was gone. He threw fire at me, I dodged it. It went on the sofa and it set on flames. I ran around him knowing this way I could suffocate his fire and kill him. It worked and he vanished as well. I fell to the ground, I was weak.

I heard footsteps, I kept my guard. “Allie,” it was Stark. “What happened?” he asked. He picked me up and carried me toward my room. Someone extinguished the fire. “I came back and two guying were looking for me. They attacked me. I killed them and they vanished,” I said in between breaths. He laid me on my bed. He sat next to me and Sirius came in with Kregg, “We have to move now. More are sure to come. We are leaving, everything is all ready.” “Dad, we can’t she’s weak,” Stark said. “When we get to where we are going she’ll be healed,” Sirius said. “Stark, don’t worry I can handle it,” I said weakly. “Kregg can you help me?” I asked. “Yeah, sure.” Kregg carried me and he followed Sirius. He placed me inside what looked like a car. Everything was ready; I sat on the back with Kregg, Stark up at front and Sirius on the wheel. The Engine started and we drove off.

To be continued….

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