Viking Masthead Ship

September 13, 2012
By Anth8nyMendoza BRONZE, DeSoto, Texas
Anth8nyMendoza BRONZE, DeSoto, Texas
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I am a metal shield of a warrior. I am fearless and independent, for my Viking, Mr. Wayne, depends on me for guidance. I am a ships masthead; therefore, I seen everything. I am a meteor travelling through space. I’d high speed travel through the ocean waves. I ship Pennyworth do not accept the decisions I made that caused these terrible things that occurred on October 7th of 1932.

On October 1st I knew I was going to go down, yet I could not build the courage to tell Mr. Wayne. The sea was freedom for him. It represented everything that he had never had. He had grown up under the supervision of two cruel parents. As soon as he turned 18, he escaped and decided to become a Viking. The journey we experienced was marvelous. We sailed the world in 78 days, and we were the first to have ever accomplished that. For having navigated Mr. Wayne around the world for five consecutive years, I was exhausted. I was becoming a coward, as I didn’t want to tell Mr. Wayne that I felt as if I did not have the power to travel one more time. I did not have the courage to let a man, who loved the sea, down. He expected greatness from me, and I was planning to deliver.

On Oct. 3rd Mr. Wayne asked me if my eyesight was optimum, I responded with “yes,” despite the fact I knew I was fully there. I was pensive the night before. I could not stop contemplating on whether Mr. Wayne deserved to know that I was feeling wary. I knew how much he wanted to travel around the world for a second time, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle it. We left the dock at around noon that day. Mr. Wayne and I said our goodbyes to our peers. I told ship Titanic goodbye, as Mr. Wayne told his fiancé Ms. Mendes how much he loved her. We sailed.

We sailed for three days; before I started feeling the waves ware me down. I became uninterested on going on, as the pain was becoming excruciating. I could no longer proceed. I could feel every single wave crash onto my ship body. I knew my last days were here.

It was Oct. 7th of 1932, I knew I was going down, yet I could still not build the courage to tell Mr. Wayne. The Pacific was the only place that he could come to and be worriless. Mr. Wayne was good man, so I felt obligated to tell him what I felt was about to occur. I told Mr. Wayne that the waves were now a burden. I could no longer sail. We sank that night. Mr. Wayne lost his life. I was the only masthead ship to ever have accomplished completing so many routes. My friendship with Mr. Wayne was the greatest friendship to ever have existed. I hated myself, yet Mr. Wayne praised me for having taken him around the world. I do not know why I’m such an important part in his life, but I do know that he’s a loyal friend.

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Had to write it for school.

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