The voyage

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I was looking up at sun, looking out at the ocean remembering the times I had. The times I had with my voyagers I should say. Those sails had so many memories. How could I ever forget them? I glimpsed at the sun one more time and went back to the past...
It was 787 AD , the sun was out. It was shinning as bright as a diamond. "Swish swish", the waves were crashing. It was as if they were talking to me. My voyagers were on board. We were heading to the middle east to trade with the travelers from the orient. Traveling was very tiring. I would become more tired than a snail running after a cheetah. We sailed night and day.
As a dragon masthead I had the courtesy of seeing the most beautiful and most horrific things on our sails. At night I would look up at the stars in the sky. They always shinned beautiful. Almost as beautiful as a treasure full of gold. They guided me through the way.
One morning we were at a beautiful island. I saw birds in the sky, monkeys swinging through the trees, fruits hanging from the trees. Everything was just so peaceful. My voyagers landed here to make a trade with the travelers from the orient. Suddenly I came upon hearing some strange, loud noises. "Arggg Arggg!" I heard. Then there, I saw my voyagers killing the travelers. They were both fighting for the goods. It was one of the most horrific things anyone could see. It was like trying to put out a fire without water. It was like being stranded in the middle of nowhere! That night my voyagers seemed to be celebrating what looked like their winning. I heard people cheering, music playing, people dancing. It was a big celebration.
Sailing was such an adventure. I saw all sorts of things. Now that I think about it I miss it. I miss seeing the things that I came across. My voyagers, they are the ones I won't forget. Now I am just an old dragon masthead waiting to be destroyed anytime now.

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