Don't Quit Untill The End

September 16, 2012
By juan cabrales BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
juan cabrales BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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My anchor is pulled up, and I wake up to see myself floating away. I'm the brain of this ship. They look up to me. We reach our destination, but the enemy won't let us get close. My anchor is dropped and the fight begins. There a tear rolling through my face. We lose. My captain is hurt. I plow the sea as fast i can to reach home, but I hit an iceberg. Water is filling me up, as if a venomous spider had bit me, and I die little by little. The water was rough like if "Aegir" (Sea, God) was mad. Finally I got home, "rest, rest, rest." My vision blurs as i sink down. Mission accomplished,they got home save.

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