Let's Dance!

September 10, 2012
It was midnight on the night of the full moon. "It's time to go to bed, honey." Said mother to daughter. "You don't want the bogeyman to get you." But the girl was silent. She walked to her window and stood looking out into the meadow. Oh, how she used to love to run through the meadow. But she swore she'd never go again. Not after that night one year ago. The night her brother, Roger, disapeared. It was a night just like tonight. Midnight. On a full moon. The Bogeyman's Realm. Roger and his sister were out playing in the meadow a little later than usual. They were startled by the sudden sound of music. They followed the sound until they came upon a clearing. The music was wonderful, inticing. The kids were drawn to it. When they arrived the music stopped. There was a man there. he was dressed in a sparkling blue suit, blue tap shoes, and a blue fedora. He must have really liked blue, for his skin was violet. "Hello children! Isn't it a lovely evening to dance? Come join me, if you please." And with that, the music started again. It was so catchy, so exilerating, so dancy, the kids knew of nothing else to do but dance along with the strage blue man. After a while, the music slowed to a stop. Then the man spoke, "Well my friends, it has been a pleasure having you here. But I'm afraid I must be leaving. Ta-ta!" It was suddenly as if a sheet of darkness knot. They then became aware that they were moving. Somewhere along the way, they must have fallen asleep, for when she woke up, the girl was back in her bed. Just as if she had never been out. But her brother was gone. There was a note tapped to the foot of her bed.
Thank you so much for the fun last night! It was truely splendid! We really must get together more often! Oh, by the way. I have your brother. You see, I am growing a bit old for my job. So, I am in need of a replacement. An apprentice, if you will. That's were your dear brother comes in. I intend to train him in my ways. Don't worry. he's really in good hands. And he's having a splendid time here! Thanks again!
Yours Truely,
Mr. Bogeyman
(20 Years Later) It was midnight on the night of the fullmoon. I was up later than normal watching a movie with the family. Then the doorbell rang. And I heard music coming from the front porch. I went to see what it was, and there was a man standing there. He was wearing a sparkling blue suit, blue tap shoes, and a blue fedora.
"Hello kind ma'am. Remember me? It's your brother, Roger! I'm the Bogeyman, sis!" Wanna dance?"

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