August 29, 2012
By MineSkipe SILVER, Sunshine Coast, Other
MineSkipe SILVER, Sunshine Coast, Other
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As I ran I could still hear the King’s cold voice echoing in my head,
The Falcon of Death is in the mist,
The Key Of Light is in the fist,
In the end the beholder must fly,
To finally kill The Falcon eye.

It only seemed like yesterday I was in training for the King’s knights and now I was on my first, (probably my last) quest.
It didn’t start out too well with me forgetting my horse and all but at this point all I needed was my sword. All I know is I need to kill The Falcon, too many people have died under its’ treacherous claws. So I continued running into the forest where I hoped to find some sort of fist. The forest was a peaceful place, painted with greens and browns. Trees arched around me keeping all sources of sunlight locked out. Suddenly I felt trapped, vulnerable and a strange feeling numbed my mind, like someone was watching my every move.
After a while, I decided to set up camp for the night, so I found a comfy tree to lie under. The forest was almost fully dark as I started hearing howls coming from the distance. I started a little fire next to the gloomy old tree, its roots seemed to be as big as my head as they continuously grew underground making the tree more and more powerful.
The fire crackled in the little shards of moonlight breaking in through the branches. The fire was illuminating with its glowing aura, its flames dancing across the dead earth.
Another howl came from the distance, but was much closer. I stood up, grabbing my iron sword. Before I knew it, a wolf emerged from the darkness, its golden eyes following my every move and with one mighty howl it moved forward wary of my sword. His eyes locked on my leg and pounced. One slice and it let out its last yelp. It staggered to the ground with a gory gash on its back.
My eyes stayed wide open for the rest of the night, as I jumped at every crunch or creek but finally the sun rose from the East and I continued, going deeper into the forest.
The walk seemed very short before I came across a rocky bridge leading over a lake. The bridge was your average death trap, completely unstable with loose planks, mossy rope and rapids underneath. On the other side I caught a glimpse of what looked like a bunch of trees in the shape of a hand, so I had no other choice but to jump into almost certain death.
I put one foot on the bridge and immediately the plank fell into the rapids and disappeared only to be spit out of the water 30 metres down the track in little wood chips.
I only had one chance to cross this bridge, so with one giant leap I ran for my life, hearing wooden planks being murdered in the rapids behind me. I collapsed on the other side, breathless. After about five minutes I found the energy to stand up. I looked up at the five trees squished together to make a fist. Its leafless structure clenched together. Trapped inside, there was a little glowing key. So with one swing and an enormous crunch The Key of Light fell to the ground, now encrusted with dirt I picked it up. With one sigh I continued into the forest, not knowing what might lie ahead.
The golden sun was now at its peak in the sky with its death rays shining down on me. From the fist, the walk was treacherous. Within an hour my clothes were completely drenched, when I realized I had also forgotten my armour.
The day wore on before I finally came across a giant gate that seemed to reach for the heavens. I looked inside but all I could see was fog. I tried to open the gate but it was locked, so I took the key out of my pocket and stabbed it into the lock. The gate swung open as the fog cleared to reveal a waste land, filled with bones from various animals-some of them human.
Inside the gates stood a nest as big as a jousting arena, but instead of twigs and branches it was made from human skulls.
Suddenly a shadow was cast across the waste land and the sound of giant wings followed. The Falcon landed with a thump in its nest with a tail hanging out of its’ mouth.
I froze, luckily it hadn’t noticed me. I had no idea what to do, so I charged and with all my might yelled, “FOR THE KING!”
As soon as it set its fiery red eyes on me I knew I was dead. I ran up to it and stabbed my sword into its foot, but of course to him my sword was like a little splinter. He just looked at me like I was an annoying little ant and kicked me over to the other side of the nest. Just when I had lost all hope a line from the prophecy rang in my ear,
So as the Falcon slurped up the rest of the tail I snuck up behind it and climbed up its feathery tail, hoping it wouldn’t notice me. Finally I got to its back and it took off into the clouds. I continued climbing onto its head as it now circled the King’s kingdom. Just as it started to swoop on a villager, I thrust my iron sword into the Falcon’s blazing eye.
It let out a screeching yelp and crashed into a poor villager’s cottage and slowly melted into the ground.
From then onward I was known as the Falcon slayer, and an elite knight.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment piece (got a b :P)

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on Sep. 7 2012 at 5:58 pm
Whiterose21 BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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"love is like a flower, blooms in the spring, with beautiful reds, yellows, and greens"-Me

This was a very constructive story, great use of imagery and sensory images, I would like to see more work like this :)


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